FLORIDA keepin it ghetto Results: Gainseville

Disgusting fun tourney, this is gonna be some ghetto shit but i don’t have the brackets and i have a mad hangover.

Smash bro’s

i only know that trent won

Cvs2 singles


2nd John:c-geese/rugal

3rd{i might have gotten 3rd i’m not really sure} somone correct me… I used p-vega/blanka

More later

Cvs2 Team tourney

1st Trent: a-cammy/nak/yuri random teams

2nd mike.m: p-vega/chun-li/blanka/cammy

3rd Guiness: n-hibiki/bison/blanka

4th EnkIndu: c or n i can’t remember vega/chun-li/blanka and others

Mvc2 Team tourney

1st Team tampa

Big pete roasa/BshidoHeat/Mike.m

2nd Team Jacksonville


3rd Team Gainseville


More later

Mvc2 Singles

1st: mike.m Sent/mag/ironman MSC

2nd: Craig.d Sent/storm/capcom Sent/cable/capcom

3rd: Xander Spiral or magneto/cable/sent MSC

4th: Blaziniflo Cable or Sent/Storm/capcom

I’ll post more later with full results as soon as this ringing in my head goes away…

Mike delete this one… mine has more info.

Thank you good bye

ooooo…he sed ur results are to0 ghetto!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: J/K

you didn’t even put the teams for cvs2 you retard:rolleyes:

bowleshite. I had enough time to get a hair cut, wash my car, mow the lawn, eat some sweet and sour chicken, drink a 6 pack, and watch the mvc2 team finals before I could play one damn 2 out of 3 match in cvs2. Thats no bullshit. Over 1 and a half hours to wait for one match in an 8 man cvs2 tournament.:lame: :lame: :lame:

so does that mean you’re not mad anymore dwayne, and i can give your apex points?:smiley: :lol:I swear, there will not be this long of a wait next time. honest. I’ll disqualify trent.

sure. thanks for holding it down, it was a great tournament.

hey D… thanks for the chiken dude…

mad cool… :wink: :cool:

Think nothing of it Ben. I was happy to have just traded thoughts with you.

For the record in singles I used, Chun-Li and Bison. No Blanka lol. That was Alex’s character. Ewwwow Ewwow

In ratio match I used, Chun-Li, Blanka, Vega-c mode; Bison, vega, hibiki-C (counter team against trents Cammy, Nako, hibiki that didn’t work so well lol); and Chun Li, Blanka, Balrog-A mode. This tournament owned. Wish I could have stayed for MvC2 singles.