Florida MvC2 and CvS2 Chp.3 Full Results


Results are up on the front and apex pages. Sorry it took so long.

1st Mike Mixon/ Mixup +1600 pts
2nd Craig DuFour/ MAXIMUS +800 pts
3rd Xander Matchett/ Weapon X +533 pts
4th Justin Zhou/ Blaziniflo +400 pts
5th Erik Johnson/ DBS +320 pts
5th Alex Garvin/ Mozaranth +320 pts
7th Will Francis +229 pts
7th Pete Roasa/ Big Pete Roasa +229 pts
9th Raphael Arguello/ XenoKaze +178 pts
9th Ben Acosta/ BshidoHEAT +178 pts
9th JD Angerson/ xBlackheartx +178 pts
9th Mohammad A/ +178 pts
13th Jason Boler/ Crono_Mashitoka +123 pts
13th Roger Myers +123 pts
13th John Tran +123 pts
13th Trent Van Deven/ Tr3nt +123 pts

Team MvC2:

1st Team Ratio 4 - Mad Cow Disease
2nd Team Jax 1
3rd Team Gainesville
4th-6th Don’t know because Team Strongmen had to leave early leaving the rest of the teams’ fates uncertain

Team Strongman

Team Jax pt. 2

Team Red


1st Trent Van Deven/ Tr3nt +800 pts
2nd Mike Mixon/ Mixup +400 pts
3rd Alex Jebailey/ GUINNESS +267 pts
4th Chetan Bedi/ +200 pts
5th Rick Stalvey/ Shinma_sama +160 pts
5th Individual who hates anything associated with Gainesville tourneys +160 pts
7th Brian Graham/ Mummy-B +114 pts
7th Pete Mikolet/ +114 pts

CvS2: Single Matchup
1st Trent
2nd John Sindel
3rd Mixup
4th Individual who hates anything associated with Gainesville tourneys
5th Alex J/ Guinness
5th Rick/Shinma_sama
7th Brian/ Mummy-B
7th Dave Lin
9th Chetan Bedi
9th Ed Fuller
9th Alex G/ Mozaranth

For the majority of the people that attneded this tourney, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. But I do agree that the waits were too long because Trent had to enter every tournament possible to try to pay back his pimp. And also because the tardiness of the Jax players, due to Craig driving like he drinks (fill in a work here).

Next time SSBM will not occur, unless it starts at 10am. SB didn’t end until 4pm and that fucked up the schedule by 2 hrs. Sorry for “the individual who hates anything associated with Gainesville tourneys”, and I do understand about being cold in a tourney. I hope you do well in SCII nationals, and I hope you change your mind about coming to more of these.

Sorry to all the Tally players who had to go early. Next time individual tourneys will be run first, that way we can get the main event out of the way. For those that can stay longer, we will still hold a team tournament afterwards because it’s just too much fun.

Craig WILL NOT RETIRE from Marvel, because he is just too fucking good. Xander showed that he’s not all traps, and once again Mike amazed us with just how fast Magneto can move. Highlights of the team tourney was Xander having to cover his team again, after Trent’s megaman goes through Craig and Raphael like butter. I beat Craig but lost to Raphael in the team tourney because Craig wouldn’t stop grabbing my ass and blowing in my ear.

We’re debating whether to hold a December monthly, and will decide that later this month depending on how many people will be in town (give us feedback). Regardless, the January monthly will be Jan 11th with some NY players in attendance.

Best of luck to Mike at NEC in Philly. Give em’ hell and represent.


Man theres like 2 other results threads.:lol:

But anyways this tournament sounded fun but too bad I didn’t get to go!:mad: lol

Blaziniflo- and it seems that your happy about that fact that you got higher than Erik(DBS).

Well it seem that Trent just reavaged y’all and took home all your money.:lol:

Ohhh well all I can say is: Team Tampa :smiley:


Yeah shit was tight BTW your the the 3rd person to post results and people my last name is not Roasa…but any way Craig aint going no where I had to much fun playing him in the team tourny I wish I could of gotten some casual matches in with him he’s mad tight yo. All the people were Thanks Eric and Justin for doing this thing any time you guys are in Tampa let us now so we can show you the same hospitality I won’t be comming to the December one if it happends but you can count on me being at the January one and I’m bringing AsianDemon with me for sure this time we are all really sorry about that Allen…


Yea, Erik’s my biggest competitor. We train together almost everyday. He was really disapointed in placing lower than me. I was still pissed that I didn’t play him though. I was rooting for him against Xander so I could play him, but his lost by a hair. I started playing really bad halfway through the tourney because running all those brackets really distracted me and I went into all of my later games cold as fuck. Sucks that they ditched you allen. We’ll play each other again someday.

It was a great experience. It was worth it to OCV Mike with my storm. No lie. Then he countered my commando with cyclops and came up with some whack crossovers on the fly when my storm landed, and it was onetouchkill from that point on.


pete what’s your last name, so I can get your apex points correct.


We had every intention of bringing him. It’s just that mike Ben and I are retards and we can’t wake up when were supposed to but we felt like shit the whole drive up…


Mikalef, no wonder Craig thought I was Mexican befor he met me:lol:


I changed it.


OK Thanks yo


wow this was a fun tourny to go to, hopefully i will go to the next one. And hopefully it will end later so that i wont be late getting home (where i got my ass chewed out by my parents:o ). Lots of good comp. hopefully i can get better in time for the next one…

btw megaman is now top tier.


JD, just keep practicing. I’ve already seen lots of improvement with your playing in just a few weeks. Keep practicing with Xander and Craig. Those two are excellent players and are in the top ten in florida on any given day. Ask them to teach you shit because that’s the only way to get better. Don’t be afraid of losing, but just make sure you get something out of a loss and keep learning.


yayyy i got beat down repeatedly:lol:


I was wondering about this but… like how many people called you Mixup?:lol:

What the? Your not Mexican like :wtf: your really confusing me now.:confused:


lol aw man… dead last? I didnt even play in MvC2 singles. How’d that happen?

The only reason I was playing in team MvC2 was cause you practically forced me to… “TRENT, YOU’RE PLAYING ON TEAM JAX 2!!” so i was just like… okie dokie. lol, I was just trying to help out. If i knew I were causing a problem I would have forfieted… I wasnt expecting go through all of team Jacksonville (Man i fuked them hoes up :lol: )

Overall it was a really fun tournament, specially’ Melee… really big turn out. I won more from Melee than I did for both CvS2 tournaments combined :smiley:


you wouldnt’ve interfered if you didn’t do so damn well in every tourney. Sheesh. Anyways, we’re taking you to the next big one we’re going to so you can rep CvS2 (I’m talking out of state).


Sorry, I had to leave so early. It’s hard to be a good parent and ridetaker at the same time. I still had a good time even though I didn’t get to play anything except the MVC2 team tourny (that I didn’t even finish). It was good to see everyone again and play some new compitition. I couldn’t stay long cause I came on a short notice and I didn’t really have time to plan. Next time though, I’ll be sure to work something out so I can stay longer.

Also, I plan to see everybody at the Southeast Extravaganza Tally toury on Jan 18. Everyone please make plans now! This tourny you don’t want to miss.


Congrads to trent for proving why he’s the best in the south at Cvs2. Congrads to Mike M. for winning MvC2 and good luck in philly hommie. I’ll be rooting for you.:slight_smile: Yo blazinflo, I have a question. What are CvS2 single matchup tournament? Is that playing Cvs2 one on one?!?!?!?:confused: :eek: That’s a great idea man.:slight_smile: Sounds like a great tournament man. Keep up the good work man.


We’ll be there to take your money. Count on it juggy.:smiley:


Single matchup was just one character only. CvS2 was great, but it was all Mummy-B’s doing. I couldn’t have done it without him. We’ll definitely be up for FR6. From Saturday, it was proven without a doubt that the florida sf scene is alive and kicking. It was awesome, and 4 or 5 of the top 10 marvel players around the state weren’t even there. Adam, Eder, Ozzie, Allen, and Matt. If they were there, that shit would’ve been a who’s who gathering of the best in the south. Even without them, it was still a gathering of the best in Florida.


Re: Re: Florida MvC2 and CvS2 Chp.3 Full Results

It still sounds like mad fun yo. I don’t think have played Cvs2 one on one since the 1st month it was out and we was just fucking around with it just to learn one character.:slight_smile: So what was the characters in the single tournament top 5?

What is your AIM name sir? My name is ATLShinBlanka on Aim. Hit me up it you want to holla at me about anything.:cool: