Florida mvc2 ghetto results


1- MIKE MIXON- residental Magneto/Storm/Psy or Cyc master uses Sent/A-Cable/Cyc too get first! (Also used Sent/Magneto/IM… whaadaa COMBOFIEND wanna be :bluu: )

2- Erik Johnson- Champion of g-villie comes in 2nd with various storm/sent/magneto teams assisted by IM’s AAA

3- Raphael- defeats Craig Defour for 3rd place! he plays a storm that ran like hell!

4- Craig Defour- The Man used cable/sentinel/cammy

1- Team SHIT ON (aka Team rox)
BshidoHEAT - Doom/Storm/Cyc
MIKE MIXON - Magneto bull shit teams. (which include storm/sentinel/iron man shit like that)

2- Team Bacardi Silver (AKA B.S.)
MAXIMUS- Cable/Sentinel/Cammy
Weapon X- Spiral/Cable/Sentinel

3- Team Real Men (aka team g-villie)
Blaziniflo- Cable/Storm/Capcom
DBS- magneto/storm/iron man/sentinel

good games :wink: these tourneys we’re mad fun since everyone was drunk like nobodys business.

'til next time folks! Please… drink REAL drinks no bacardi silver


c’mon ozzie!

soon imma come to one of your jungle tourneys!:smiley:


Good Job on winning another one Mike…


Good job Mike on another one!:smiley:

Now its time to see you and your rivals play each other…
I guess you have 2, and I think you know who they are. (K/SF)


Good Job everyone.:slight_smile:


hey yo it will be tight when you come down, I’m comming to N.Y in the summer do you chill with da_dragon at all???


Sent/Cable-a/Cyke…I wonder where Mike got that from.


:lol: :lol:

Good job.


I had a great time at this tournament. We need to this more often. Great comp.



Some of the silly combo’s


hey what about posting how the other 14 people placed…i wanna know how i placed (even though I did very bad)


those guys from gainseville stole the brackets!


Nah i never chilled with javier…i chilled wid infinite once or twice…when u comming N.Y. PM me:D

I suck:D :mad:


why did they take the brackets…all i know is that 1st round i beat set, 2nd round lost to rapheal, then beat brandon, then lost to one of the gainsville guys (didnt catch his name).


Full Results

Sorry I ganked the brackets. Force of habit.


One more thing I forgot to ask:

Was this a Console tournament or an Arcade tournament?


yay 7th place for me…lol

and btw it was a console tourny but we had like 4 mas sticks so its kinda like an aracde tourny…but not…


man i fuckin suck ass


Damn it… I must suck more… :frowning:


Raphael beat Craig? Crazy…nice turnout for Jax people, that’s nice to see=)


how come team jax got 2nd y0, jax is too good:D dont forget to have many tournies in the begining of january i wanna try to place top 5. and have team tournies ive never ever played any of those. Team Decepticons YEA!!!:stuck_out_tongue: