Florida MvC2 Tournament Results

Here are the full results of the MvC2 tournament this past weekend.

Team Tourney:
1st Jacksonville
Craig DuFour Cable/Sent/Cammy
Roy Youngblood Blackheart/Storm/Cyclops
Xander Matchett Spiral/Cable/Sent

2nd Orlando
Adam Burghardt Sent/Cable/Capcom Sent/Blkhrt/Capcom
James Francis Storm/Sent/Cammy
Eder Resendiz Storm/Cable/Cyclops Sent/Blkhrt/Doom

3rd Tallahassee
Chris Melendez Storm/Sent/Cammy
Bryan Kapplow MSP
Ed Strunk Juggy/Hulk/Colossus

4th Gainesville
Justin Zhou Storm/Cable/Capcom/Cammy
Erik Johnson MSP Sent/Storm/Cable
Mohamed A Magnus/Storm/Doom Storm/Cable/Doom

Individual Tournament:

1st Craig DuFour (Maximus) Cable/Sent/Cammy
2nd Eder Resendiz Storm/Cable/Tbonne Blkhrt/Storm/Cyclops
3rd Justin Zhou (Blaziniflo) Storm/Cable/Capcom/Cammy
4th Xander Matchett (Weapon X) Spiral/Cable/Sent
5th Adam Burghardt (Sugarman) Cable/Sent/Capcom
James Francis (First Attack) Storm/Sent/Cammy
6th Roy Youngblood Storm/Sent/Cammy
Ed Strunk (Mizter Ed) Juggy/Hulk/Colossus
7th and Beyond
Bryan Kapplow MSP
Chris Melendez Storm/Sent/Cammy
Alex Garvin Storm/Cammy/Sent
Mohamed A Magnus/Storm/Doom
Erik Johnson (DBS) MSP Sent/Storm/Cable

This Tournament was badass and fun as hell. Eder’s Blackheart and Adam’s Sent are just mean. Xander’s Spiral is one of the best I’ve ever seen, locking down Team Orlando in the team touranment finals, and single handedly winning the team tournament for Jax. Ed’s Team Juice was the shit. It was some new shit that most haven’t seen in a long time or never have before. That Hulk/Juggy rushdown in the corner is amazing. As well as his Colossus’ flying penis super catching First Attack’s Storm at the top of the screen mid-typhoon.

The final was unbelivable. Craig sent Eder to the losers’ bracket the game before the winner’s finals. Then Eder put up a hell of a fight, but Craig pulled through winning the championship 3-4,4-3. The finals were some of the best games I’ve seen in a long time.

Me and Erik would like to thank everyone that helped out and showed up for this tourney. Thanks to Van for bringing all that equipment and hopefully next time we’ll be able to throw all those other tourneys that didn’t go down this time. Thanks to Tony and Troi for the TV, VCR, and Table. Thanks to Face for throwing the last minute CvS2 tourney. Thanks to Craig and Eder beating my ass in the winners’ and losers’ finals, respectively (you bastards). And thanks to everyone that made this possible and showed everyone some damn good games.

We are working on getting this tournament certified by Apex as well as the next one.

We’ll be holding another tournament about a month from now at the same place. Feel free to post any opinions about what you liked about the tourney and what could be changed or added. The next tourney will be a get together of Florida’s best (hopefully Mixup will make it), and it will be a warm up to the ATL tournament where hopefully someone from our state will dominate. Thanks and see you guys next month. Justin

Hold that fuckin shit Team Jax… whooooo Too hot. lol
Damn craig i knew it… i knew you were sandbaggin when you play me… damn lol Seeenntiiineelllll

I really enjoyed this tournament. I will definitely try to make it to the next one. I hope more people will come. I myself, will try to encourage others to come as well.

Maybe next time I will come more prepared. I wasn’t expecting to play against so many cables. Damn those HVBs!

Strong Man Team will live on!:lol:

I had a great time as well. You guys have also inspired me to use a more up-to-date team(maybe Cable/Storm/Cammy). I was also wondering if MSP is still a competitive team or r they obsolete.

To bad Tampa E.M.S.(Mixup) didn’t go.:frowning:

damn good job team jax, maybe next time i’ll go (not for the team tourny onyl the individual), but i’ll still get owned for free.

I keep on hearing about someone using OMEGA RED. Who was that?

Anyway… If these things are monthly… I’ll definetly go to one of them. Sorry I wasn’t able to get to this one…

Contrats to Craig and team Jax, I’ll go to one of these one day :slight_smile:

MSP is still very competive… Justin Wong used that most of EVO until he got to like the final 8. (I think… )

Sorry we couldn’t be there, we got to gainsville friday night but then we had some car problems during sat. morning, so we couldn’t make it. I heard we missed alot of good shit, well the gainsville girls are mad hot, so i’ll be coming back for sure for a next one, and i’ll be making that one. peace

Team jax is gonna get it for beatin up my homies:mad:


Ahh, and msp is mad cheap, u just hafta know how to infinite really well or get lucky with your resets:p

thx 4 the reasuring ppl

Congrats Team Jax…
Jax = Godly like

MSP in my opinion is the definitive team of MvC2 skill. That team is just so much fun to play with. I would’ve used it in the tournament if my Magneto didn’t take a vacation on me two weeks prior. I’m working on getting him back to speed. Maybe I bring him out in the next one. Yo Mixup, you gotta go to the next one. I heard you Mag and Storm are out of hand.

Nah, it’s my cyc that’s the wily one:)

i’ll try to come, just depends on the work situation.

btw, i really miss jumping around with magneto, hitting lk,lk+psylocke when someone tried to jump at me and then getting to kill their whole team…msp is wayyy tooo easy.

MSC=:D …:o

C’mon now, we all know that the best way to showcase MVC2 skill is using low-tier characters to beat top-tier characters. It’s all about HJC…everyone loves the 100% kill triple hyper combo that Mizter Ed pulled in the tourney along with Hulk lockdown. :smiley: Too evil and just too sweet. :evil:

no argument there