Florida, the arcade drought state


You hear about super arcade in cali constantly, and there are still tons of arcades in the Northeast but past Lake Okeechobee it’s barebones, you only have anything in Orlando and Miami, and the hardship of living in non-tourist Florida is you don’t get cool stuff. There’s like, two “Arcades” in Fort Laurderdale, I say this in quotes because the closest on to me just has a few xboxes where you put a buck in and get 10 mins of gameplay (fuck you if you dont finish the match standard) and the other is in a trade market and has six of the same Tekken and one Street Fighter II Turbo, everything else is your basic quarter eating crap.

Is there any good arcades or meetup spots below Miami? I feel alone in these parts because I’m just like, “Yeah! fighting games!” and everyone else just sorta goes back to their xboxes to play CoD and [insert sports game here] Should I even bother, I mean I am just a ghetto neighborhood boy anyway