Flow chart Ryu?

I started playing Championship mode again lately…I’m almost G1 but there’s something I noticed. I started back playing again after I saw the evo stream. Since then, I’ve come across WAY too many ryu’s lately…has the scrub population switched to ryu as the go to guy? What do you guys think.

Ryu is always popular, I remember when the arcade version came to Gameworks in Seattle, everyone picked Ryu, 91% I am guessing for the 1st month was Ryu and then even towards the end when the console version was coming out, 75% picked Ryu. He is just the simple, basic, Japanese guy who is looking for the answer, which happens to lie in the heart of battle.

I have noticed a crap load of Guile’s lately. Play one every 4 matches. Idk why this is, he isnt very good, but people love turtling more than ever now so perhaps that is why.

It also seems that sometimes there are flavors of the month. Such as Blanka was really popular for a while, same with Bison and even now Sakura is showing up more and more, thanks Sabre in my opinion.

I am curious as to what causes a spike in certain characters usage online…I am always trying to guess which character will be the next flavor of the month, perhaps Rose since people like chicks with big racks and Saqs uses that sliding throw combo a lot. IDK.

I can see that…I’ve come across a few more guiles and vega’s than usual lately. I wanna think the ryu thing is b/c of daigo…I’ve seen a lot of people trying to imitate his style…to bad it doesn’t they fail at it pretty hard.

one thing i’ve noticed about scrub Ryus is they like to walk back and forth. They’re not even spacing, just walking back and forth at the other side of the screen xD

Haha, what’s more amusing is if you do not jump in on them … They have no game plan. None whatsoever, that AA jab SRK to EX hadoken is the only thing they have up their sleeves.

There’s also the teabagging ryus. who buffer uppercuts all day long waiting for you to jump in

I have seen mashing Ryus too, that just spam jab alot…and at first i always think “is this guy shitting with me?”…then i figure out…thats all he has for the most part… ._.

That’s why online sucks. Always Ryu, Sagat and Akuma.


you see more character variety in the arcade than online?

tbh, I would think that console will have more variety since there are more characters
personally I see more variety recently, more Sakura and Cammy compared to a couple of weeks ago

in PSN at least

lol I see a lot more than those characters every day, sure Ken and Ryu are the majority, but in the arcade in Seattle, there are only Ryu and Ken, everyone gasps when somebody picks someone else.

Yes, it’s fascinating that there are bad players in G1.