Flowcharts anyone?

without having a decent flowchart, there are many holes in gameplay, which aren’t as necessary because of twelve’s mobility, but it would be nice to see…
mostly with the pressure and the guessing games involved…what are the options on when you see opponent whiff grab or moves? jumping?
can anyone help?

punishment you mean? lol, something that Twelve lacks

from afar
Standing HK - but risky
standing MP - walk under fireball to standing MP works well
crouching MK
crouching HK

throw? lol
cr. LK, AXE (LP), xx, XNDL
standing close MK, XNDL/FLAT

Standing HP
XNDL (must be a character length in front of you & deep)
same for NDLs, but EX NDLs work better

no I don’t mean punishments, I mean a string of attacks that flow in a pattern and have different endings…thus the name, flowcharts…

if you do the same thing over and over again, then the flowchart would be a straight line…normally you start with one move or setup or a way of getting in and then do one of followups, which is where the flowchart splits up into multiple lines…

a good example would be from say ken:

.… -----> cr.short,cr.jab.cr.short xx super
jumping forward crossup -----------> strong, fierce xx super
… -----> back+forward (overhead) -> link super
… -----> throw

that would be a flowchart for ken…I’m looking for ones for twelve…

Twelve doesn’t really have… stuff, that’s the problem. There’s airdashing and ground wakeup mixups, that’s about it.

Knockdown_____…----> low short xx jab AXE xx SA1
…----> close strong, SA1
…----> UOH, SA1
…----> mk/forward into IAD (instant air dash)
…----> throw

Standing mk_____…----> IAD jab, throw
…----> IAD short (float), delayed throw
…----> IAD strong/mk, SA1
…----> IAD mk (whiff), throw
…----> IAD fierce/rounfhouse (whiff), throw

That do anything for ya?


holy shit, TB is alive?!

Ha, yeah. I usually just hang out and plug my own videos coughhttp://combovideos.com/page.php?id=261cough, but since they put me in charge I feel obligated to, you know… do stuff.

I’ll be more active with the knowledge in the near future, I assure you.


I like to use

Air-dash HK (whiff, hit, cross-up) to
cr. LKx2, cr. MK
cr. LKx2, NDL (LP)
Air dash HP (max range), standing HK. Some ppl tedn to throw out a sweep or somethin after the HP but not safe against some characters when blocked and with super

I was actually thinking about more ambiguous setups, like the first one you posted, 3/5 can be parried high…some things involving crossups, the one’s that are low shorts off of air dashes dont’ work if the dude is mashing grab…I’m trying to find a way to bait it out, possibly continuously at a rate no one can think of fast enough but I don’t think they exist…

I just low fly in with jab and either grab when I land or do low short into wigglys, if I got super and the low short hits ya know whats after that. his best thing to me is jump deep roundhouse standing knee jmp cancel low fly jab into grab or what I just stated over and over. Just gotta watch your ass and parry when needed and know when they wanna catch on to your shit so u can do something else. knees into super is great, fireball with mid kick fireball with punch.


uh…that’s not a flowchart, that’s a combo, or a setup rather…I’m looking for the textbook shit

That’s as textbook as you’re gonna get.
No one’s gonna draw a bloody flowchart for you, lol.

well, I guess that just goes to show how much people care about twelve…
There’s no moralist or abare styles described anywhere that I’ve looked (a twelve with morals…hmmmm), and I can’t really think of anything advanced with him…(or maybe he just really is a shitty character for it to even matter…oh well)

sorry, we’re just lazy :smiley: