Flush mounting a Neutriks in a Wood case (permanent or accessible)


This method may not work for everyone but it works for me. It?s an easy and solid way to mount your neutriks if you are dealing with a wooden case. You can make it a permanent mount or have it detachable which ever works for you. I prefer to make it permanent as I will not have to remove it, you can remove the inner piece without having to take out the whole metal casing but most mounting method allow this anyway. I just wanted to say this method allows the same.

The depth you mount the Neutriks determines the thickness of the insert piece.(I use 1/2inch)
I use a 3/4 inch think piece of wood for my back piece so everything that deals with that part of the tutorial with follow the steps if you are using a 3/4in piece for mounting the Neutriks.


What you will need:

1 1/2 in forstner bit

15/16 paddle bit or other-

Drill press or hand held

Glue or no glue (depending on the permanent)

A 1 1/2 circle of wood that is 1/2in thick with a 15/16 hole drilled out in the center
(Good way to do it is- drill the 15/16 hole then cut the 1 1/ 2 hole out with a JIGSAW)

Small screw driver*

Small bit*

Small screw 2 (sizes may vary*)

80grit and 220 grit sand paper.

To start take your 1 1/2 bit and drill into you 3/4in piece approximately 1/2in (counter sunk) Now take your 15/16 bit and drill the rest of the way by lining the bit up with the Forstner center indent. Take the 80 grit sand paper and sand down the outside edge of the hole just like a router rounds edges. use the 220 to make it smooth and ready for paint. Small router may also work like a dremel or something.

That should give you this>

Now take the circle insert you made and mark it for the drill holes>

Drill and screw lol

Now take the insert and the Neutriks, line it up to center it a horizontal line helps and basically just push it in snug. If you made it an exact 1 1/2 insert then it will fit super snug, glue really isn’t needed. To make it perm. just run a small bead of glue around the edge of the insert before placing it in the pocket.

NOTE: mount the Neutriks after you paint or stain the case, this is the last step.

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so you put a cover over the neutrik?

i always just ended up using some small short screws to fit the neutrik in afterwards…

the more you know~


Conversely, you can just drill/tap screw holes on the case itself. Off course, that does leave you two visible screws (similar to how a flush mounted jack would appear on a metal/acryllic case). Definitely not as elegant as this.


Yeah I forgot to say that this is a screwless method. it is just another way to do it I guess. thank you I also thought that this way has more elegance and looks more professional. If It was metal and you wanted it permenant you could always take it somewhere to have it WELDED on, if you don’t have a welder like me. That way you would have not need for screws.


Now if you’re truly badass, you’d have made it so that the insert had tread so that you could simply screw it in.


yeah that would be badass lol I may work that one in to the next build. I would have to find a treader or make a locking mech for it like half turn type of thing GOOD LOOKING d3v


Hmm, just realized that this won’t really work for a RJ-45 Neutrik (NE8FDP) though since it has that PCB in the back.


never used a rj-45 jack, I never knew that. like I said will work for some, not for all.


Yeah, aside from the PCB thing, the casing on the RJ-45 isn’t totally round like with the NAUSB.

Just a heads up. I added this thread to the list in the stickies.


good job

i was always wondering how i could flush mount neutriks…

i ll try this out definately.


sweet!!! , also any ideas are welcome and i will post cpl more ways to do it as well. you can counter sink further for a more flush look too. i like the rounded off edges so it catches light on the finish but isn’t truly flush.


Was thinking, wouldn’t counter sunk screws be a better option for the NE8 RJ-45 jacks? I mean, sure you still see the screws, but a good pair of screws can be made to look decorative as well.


YES that would work as well. I am gona order one of those NE8 RJ-45 jacks so I can make a mounting method for that one too. also you can aways spray a little promoter spray on the screws and paint them, then a little clear coat if you want to match a painted Neutriks. I have found screws that size that are brass, gold plated, stainless steal, copper look, white and black. I have bin looking around for a small bolt with a lock washer to use if you want to flush mount with the screws. the bolts I want would have nothing on the head just flat metal. I will do the Neutriks in plastic too so those with the acrylic cases can benifit.

Got the Voltech case today and I like the shell it’s pretty cool. but he flush mounts them with the bolt(phillips head) too, looks real nice.

Another way that is perm for wood is do the screw bolts on the outside counter sunk and then just wood putty over them sand and repeat, till the surface is flat again. this may not look as good as the insert thought because the paint will slowy settle in the putty over time and give you 2 little indents, this may or maynot happen but I have seen it happen before.

It’s is prob easier to just paint the head the color of the case, just in case you want to remove it.