Flushing Mall 8/30 results

Heres the results from Project Mayhem 8/30, Good turnout and hope to see some of you guys next week. I wished I could have entered but I had to work:bluu: it seemed alot of fun

1st-Sanford Kelly
2nd-John Erik "Smoothviper"
3rd-Javier Chorrillos "Khameleon"
4th-Lawrence Carr
5th-Desmond Pinkney “Xecutioner”

1st-John Gordon "FlashG"
2nd-Ricky Ortiz
3rd-Robert Sigley
4th-Jose Zax
5th-Charles Drayton “Demigawd”

1st-Ricky Ortiz
2nd-Arturo Sanchez
3rd-Robert Sigley
4th-Sanford Kelly
5th-Charles Drayton "Demigawd "

Nice job sanford, i am suprised ricky is still on the east coast also

stop saying your surpised, slackjaws.

ricky is never going back to cali.

least not untill he takes all of eddies money.

yea rob good shit, yo mike where were you thursday? desmond what the fuck man, slacker hehe :slight_smile:

Yeah i didn’t even see desmond at 5th when i looked at the results, i am suprised:wtf:

some1 is going to post pics of fridays tourny later today i think.

it was a hot tourney. too bad the people who wanted to play kof didnt show up at the right time

plus we got a new alpha 3 upper machine. alpha 3 tournaments soon.

ok first off robert sig only beat me because #1 my customs were NOT coming out due to BAD AND I MEAN BAD STICKS.

but in all onesty it was good shit and btw I beat ricky in mvc2 2-1 and then ricky lost to desmond in the losers good overall turnout except for cvs2 ricky missed like 398438943443 supers with chun li :lol: arturo almost lost to sigley to:lol: sigley is geting better.

Sanford:I thought you dont pick a groove anymore after sj2. Maybe you should play K groove. K groove is too goo.d

good thing i didnt join the cvs2 ricky fund

It’s cool both sides were messed up, how many times did I hit you with FP with Sagat and nothing came out. Funniest was when you did an air throw with vega out of nowhere in a custom combo.

i couldn’t do dragon punches on my side and MK was sticky, I think your FK was messed up (least it was when we played the first time and I used that side)

I couldn’t adjust to the suddenly slowed speed of the game, and, like the rest of you, had trouble with the sticks in general. Every time I went for a throw, my character would jump instead :lol:

I was sort of upset at first, then I realized the great truth - a true warrior will find a way to win, no matter how crappy the controllers, or how the speed is changed, or how many other things go wrong. Rob adjusted and adapted and earned 3rd place for doing so. Sanford and I didn’t adapt as well and ended up with 4th and 5th respectively. So I give Rob props as a result, knowing that the next tourney and the next chance is only a few days away :wink:

I’m not sure if anyone noticed this, but almost immediately after the CVS2 tourney ended, the right side Roundhouse button stopped working entirely. Talk about close calls…

the speed is on 4, I had then lower it be4 it was on crazy fast flushing speed 6and sagat was moving like cammy and cammy was magneto:D

Which actually made fights easier for Dan, because it allowed him to rush in quicker, take care of his business, and run back out. Dan is a hit-and-run specialist. After the slow-down, everyone saw the plan. :frowning:

SOrry couldn’t come had to work , Good shit to all that went. nfonite your for free, wher e is my $5

i been reading GameFaqs.com character FAQs and taping those episodes of G4TV where celebrities teach you how to play their favorite video games and taking notes, soon i’m gonna be the best

haha…are there actually celebrities who play Street Fighter on this show? I’ve never heard of it…

G4TV - the best tv nobody knows about

celebrities like… wil wheaton =/

Another win For Sanford, And Another 2nd Place For CornFlake…