Flushing Marvel


So I’m located right in the middle of Flushing and barely anybody to session with. Going all the way to LI/Brooklyn for a session gets tiring. Anybody part of the Flushing scene that is willing to have offline sessions for Marvel?


You are talking about Flushing queens, correct? If so then Im from flushing dude. I been looking for a place close to me to LAN too. I just been lanning it up with my friend at his place in sunnyside but it gets tiring to travel there all the time with a stick. I usually play SSF4, but im beginning to play MvC3 a lot now. You do SSF4?


I use to play Super but I stopped playing for MvC2. Now I play MvC3 but we can always run super.


Yeah sounds cool, pm me some info. You should come through to an event thats happening today in astoria. Games at Break Billiards (Astoria, right off N train) - The PS3 and XBox 360 Gaming Meetup Group (New York, NY) - Meetup check it out, im going to be therrrrrrr. My name is Andres btw


I’ll always to be down to have a really good session. I am new to the scene and I really want to find good people to play with I am sure you can teach me a thing or two. Or actually help find my team. Are you going to come to that game kingdom session on Saturday.


yea lets make something happen here in flushing. Where is this session that is happening on sat?