Fly combo help

alright i can do this combo maybe like 50% and i would like to get some useful timing tips so i can pull it off more frequently. Cr.Lk, S.MpXX(fly)(lk.+call mags, Hk.) unfly, land S.Hk(launch) sj.Lk, MpXX(fly)(Lp, MpXX RP, Lk. Mk, RP, i thinks thats the most you can do without unfly.

Sup Reset. omewhere during that combo, you should try to squeeze in capcom with his aaa. i actually use cyclops’s aaa depending on how low i am to the ground. but you should experiment with them and see how well your unfly works. the timing really isn’t that diffucult. write back or email me or something.

Sup. Your right about Commando and Cyclops but my main team is MSS so I’m just trying to improve my sentinal game more. Sometimes I can do a couple of reps of the aircombo unfly infinite but the timing that bothers me the most is the, s.mpXX(FLY)into anything. is it just like fast fly or do i need to do it faster?

Here is a thread that has some good stuff about sent and his Fast fly combos