Fly combos

why why why o why can i do them some times and the other times nothing comes out…most of the time i do fly Up+LP SJ. FP is there an easier way?

try this.

launch, sj.lp,, fly, direction+lk,, light rocket punch,, U/f rocket punch

delay the first lp as late as possible. if you do the first lp mp instead of just a lk like you were doing they will be in stun for a little longer giving you more time to get that fly attack off

when i have my sent solo i found an easier way to do FF combos…idk if anyone knows this but if its alrdy found out then o fuckin well huh? lol ok here it goes…

Launch lk fly [now when u fly u have to move a direction so instead i do a HCF-half circle forward lk then a punch button that way a RP comes out automatically,yes guys this does work…] f.rp

I saw this dallas player do this sent fast fly/unfly combo and don’t really remember how it went. Is this possible->
Sent: Launch wk fast fly wk, Fierce, unfly wk, rocket punch??

Yeah it works-- if you have unfly mode.

Also, the timing on the f.FP–>unfly LK is HARD unless you’ve got them in the corner. Not worth it from midscreen unless you’re trying to be flashy.

actually, I see it used all the time midscreen from the higher lvl players.

i think its an essential thing to incorporate into you sent game at high levels.