Fly Unfly combos



im having trouble cancelling the lag does any one have anytips on doing this?

is there another way to cancell lag besides putting it to nuetral then it a direction?


I had that same problem. I would put the stick in neutral and tap a direction but it never seemed to work like how ppl said. How i do it is that after the sj.LK I do qcb+kk, but i bring the joystick around again fast so the joystick faces the opponent. It might sound confusing, but basically i do another half circle after going into flight mode. It works for me when i do it fast enough. Or another way i do it is do the qcb+kk(to get into fly mode) then bring the joystick around to the front again qcf+kk. Your basically going back and forth with this way, qcb+kk then qcf+kk. Now i dont know if this is the way the top players do it but trying to put the stick in neutral and tapping a direction just doesnt work for me. I hope u understand what i wrote, i can be confusing.:smiley:


what do I do when I unfly??? I cant seem to do a lk after the hp


dlim- i had the same peob. To do anything after unflying u have to be in “Unfly Mode”. To get in unfly mode u must get hit by an attack that throws sent back and has him land on his feet. IE: launcher, special, etc… When u r playing and get hit by a special or launcher u r in Unfly Mode. Now Unfly mode is limited, if u normal jump you will be out on unfly mode and cant attack after unflying. Hope that helps


You have to be close to the opponent BEFORE the unfly part, so make sure when you do Launch, sj.LK, fly blah blah, make sure you sj close to the opponent, like very close, that way it’ll work.


The most effective way to fast fly is to put the stick in neutral immidietly after activating fly. Then tap you direction of choice and the button of choice nearly simaltaneously.