Fly/unfly glitch

Can somebody tell me how it works and why it’s useful? I have been asking around but my sources all seem to know of it, but not knowing what it is exactly…

lol… I forgot it was a glitch

I don’t think that is what he is reffering too. there is a way to have unfly mode for a far more lengthy period. More than the usual 4-5 reps. Both Ironman/Sent benefit from it.

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ahh, mind elaborating? i’ve seen this done, but i don’t know how to do it.

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basically, you want to be put into unfly mode. from there, you will have to lose it the technical way (going through the whole 4-5 reps of fly/unfly). from there, you want to fly, then do strings that end in lp/fp. after fly lp/fp, you could unfly and attack with lk, thus keeping pressure on the other person.

so, for example: once you lose unfly mode (again, the technical way), you could fly, lk, mp xx unfly lk+assist, then fly again to repeat.

Remember, you have to end in a flying lp/fp in order to unfly lk again (or roundhouse for that matter).

if you dont understand, that woud be because i didn’t explain it carefully. But i’ll help with any questions/probs you encounter. I am not too sure, but i think this is posted in the Mixup thread at the top of this forum. if you go there, maybe there is a detailed summary of how to do it.
Using this is tricky, and could keep your opponent locked down a little longer in the corner (or play mind games with them for that matter).

nah, it’s cool. i understand it. it’s something that i owuld have to get hella used to, cuz i’m not too great with sentinel. i know a hella lot more than i can do with almost anybody cept for magneto and storm



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Hey man. I was the guy LAST friday playing ya on the small cab at camelot. I was playing mostly team row. I think I beat you only once and then you beasted on me all the other times. Your sentinel owns me for free!!! :cool:

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??? do you were glasses? i think i remember who you are. Next time say whats up, so that i will know for sure.

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yeah. you guessed right. so next time i see you over there, say wats up. :slight_smile: