Fly/unfly (not char specific)

if you have unfly mode, can you unfly in the air and refly BEFORE you hit the ground?

just curious

if so, is there a certain height you have to be at to do it?

im asking because i havent been able to do it. (i cant do storms corner infinite but it doesnt mean it doesnt exist(im using this as an example just in case someone posts and says “if you cant do it then obviously no”))

thanks alot!

Even if you don’t have unfly mode, you can unfly (and by this I mean simply going out of fly mode) and refly as many times as you want. You might drop a bit each time, but it can definitely be done ad infinitum until you land.

what does this mean?

Infinitely. He means there isn’t a set number of times you can do it. You can unfly and then refly as many times as you want until you drop too low and hit the ground.