How do you make flying move much faster?

You don’t.

Don’t be stupid, if you play MvC2 you typically get a match once in awhile typically containing Magneto, Storm and that one other person who typically spams uppercut. Why I try the flying move it moves very slow yet when others try it for some reason they do infinite combos or at least very long ones and or a lot of resets very fast.

That’s not a flying move… That’s called a combo/infinite. When you say “fly” it’s believed you actually mean his QCB LK+HK. If you’re asking about his ROM there is a whole thread about it in the stickies.

Make sure you have unfly preserved before trying this:

You can air dash while in fly mode with an attack, and then unfly and continue. This is the fastest you can get “flying” to go.

Why people fly with Magneto?