Flying Oil Spin vs Burn Kick

Been going through the motions on what the Flying Oil Spin, can and can not go against. For the most part, Most Hakan users know the different button properties for the “FoS” (L.Kick = melee attacks, M.Kick = grabs & H.Kick = projectiles) to work but there is one exception (Ibuki’s kunais, use L.Kick instead of H.Kick);


I think I found another one. C.Viper’s Burn Kick (backward fireball motion with any kick). You would think the L.Kick version would grab her out of the move seeing that its a physical attack, however I’m 0/10 with the L.Kick version. however the H.Kick version of FoS, I am 10/10. The Flames from her boots are consider projectiles? Can any other Hakan player confirm this too?

Indeed burn kick is counted as a projectile. Interesting enough you’ll notice that if you EX oil that her kick goes through it as well.

WORD!?!?!?! Going to the lab after work!!

Every move that can negate fireballs counts as a fireball itself. I believe the exception to this was Zangief’s green hand.