Flying screen tri jump

When i play as iron man, i tri jump and press lk mk. then hk then i try to do the reset. This does flying screen , how are you supposed to tri jump?

firstly why do you reset at the start of the combo … also you might want to learn up-fierce resets or resets that don’t rely on FS fierces (what reset are you doing) or try trijumping with neutral hk though it’s slower still

so how do i reset into infinite?

fuck an ironman reset 'less its right when u start a jap setup or in the corner, also when u do the flyin screen inf. setup…other than those instances, there isn’t much reason to do one, especially if you hit with two tri jumped lk’s…

at any rate, after u hit them w/ur launcher (s.rh), ad/df, up+fp, land, infinite

are you confused between a reset and a setup? or are you trying to do something really weird…

as previously mentioned, if you’re looking for a setup off a trijump u can use u.fierce. which is the best setup anyway. or u could do crouch cancel.

if ironman lands a hit, don’t waste it on a slow ass iffy reset. just ha hu huh HURHHH.

weird flying screen

i was messing around, looking for good blocked strings for IM, and i came across a weird flying screen combo. normally, ur allowed 2 jumping attacks before ur next jumping fierce/roundhouse causes flying screen. but check this out…

d+lk, d+lk, fast-fly knee five(otg)+cyc aaa, airdash df (IM lands), sj d+hp (combo ends in flying screen)…

now try the same combo w/out the d+lk’s. it doesn’t cause flying screen after the d+hp.

can anyone explain this? they’re must be special properties w/ his knee dives. there were even some instances where i kept UNFLY-mode after a couple of fast-fly knee dives…weird

also, try this combo in corner (it’s kinda like the doom inf)…

hk, [sj lk,lk, knee dive, fast-fly], repeat brackets…still no flying screen.

weird flying screen

i guess that when u otg with a knee dive they count it as a fierce, but any other time they don’t…thas the only reason i can come up with

flying screen is only activated by an ac finisher e.g. fierce rh for most people. and yeah knee dive is not an ac finisher. otherwise no one would be able to do any air combo more than 2 hits long.

u keep unfly because you’re not normal jumping, you’re cancelling into flight from the ground. You keep the properties you had when you went into flight, => you aren’t guardbroken when you unfly. which is why sent can actually do beam xx fly xx unfly safely.

yea but usually characters are allowed 2 jumping air attacks before flying screen is activated (the 3rd will cause flying screen). that’s why magz can hit u with a jumping roundhouse, launch, roundhouse, AD, then continue his combo.

but in the combo i posted, it’s only 2 jumping air attacks and it caused flying screen (knee dive,d.fierce)

amingo, i know what ur saying, but doesnt knee diving put u into jump mode??? usually when i knee dive whether im in flight, jumping, or sj, it will cancel/end my unfly-mode.

i guess i’ll test it out…

You can do any amount of hits in the air, so long as its not a hard hit from 2-hit and on. Meaning… Mags can do as many’s as he wants, but after 1 hit, if he does a hard hit ( or sj.fp) then it goes to flying screen.

Superior: the combo you posted had kneedive, and d.fierce. As you can see, your second hit was a hard attack…which is why it went to flying screen.

impulse, if u do the same combo without the lk’s+the otg, there is no flying screen.

but it’s all good…combo doesnt work regardless. i guess i dont need an explaination. ill just move on to other ones.

does any1 know how to keep unfly mode after kneedives???

Man I have no clue of what is be said about IM.:confused:…Tech, I need to go ova to EO (thats where you at, right?) and you need to school me on the terms…cause Im tryin’ to get a sick IM too, but I have the slightest of whats been talked about

wsup, u down for some games? not EO, WO. gimme a date/time and ill give u directions.