Flying Screen

Can someone post to me the definition of flying screen, out of an old James Chen FAQ? If you are a scrub and trying to explain to me what flying screen is, DO NOT POST, I know what it is, I just want to know the definition of what causes it. i.e., multiple air hits, but i figured out a while ago that if you only do one hit in the air and land between reps, (see : storm sj lk juggle inf, mag sj lp juggle semi) then multiple air hits are possible but flying screen doesn’t get caused.

Don’t know if this was known before? I don’t think there was any instances of a one hit juggle before I guess

Flying screen is when the camera follows only the opponent instead of trying to stay on both characters. During FS mode, no specials or supers can be executed, and you can’t superjump.

Generally, it’s caused by certain supers (Wolverine’s BBX), very few specials (Hulk’s Gamma Tornado) and superjump heavy hits. However, the superjump heavy hit rule can be circumvented. As long as you have not jumped in with more than one hit to start the combo, you can launch the opponent and do one fierce hit and FS will not be activated.

Also, sometimes normal jump heavy hits ON THEIR OWN can activate Flying Screen. I don’t know what exactly causes this. It happens a lot with Cyclops and Cable.

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dasrik… hahahha… he said NO SCRUBS. he knows what it basically means, but he wants to know WHY IT’S CAUSED. NOT WHAT HAPPENS.

anways, i thought the incredible ekin would have known this…

some1 i know came up with this.

it was programmed to be multihit only, so you can combo out of a single one…

eg. magneto.

c.hp, sj, hk will start infinites

c.hp, sj, lp, hk will fly screen.

i’m not sure how much this makes sense, but that’s all i can think of. it made sense to me, but i don’t think they programmed infinites into the game on purpose.

i know that dude… but look at this

c.hp, will cause flying screen

c.hp, also will (unlike the lies viscant told me a long time ago), c.hp won’t lk, c.hp will

buttt, sj ad d lp, sj ad d lp, sj ad d lp, sj hk won’t. so landing resets the count

thats basically my point, multiple air hits can be done and not cause flying screen as long as you land in between, and im not just talkin about, launch, yea obviously everyone knew that

To start this section off, I must explain what the Flying Screen is and
what effects it has on the game. The Flying Screen is the phenomena in MSH
that causes the screen to scroll VERY quickly after certain moves hit the
enemy. The view of the game follows the enemy and the person doing the hit
disappears from the screen. Once the screen stops moving, the person who was
hit will just lie there and the other player will hop into the screen from the
side. This can be seen happening after any Air Combo Finishers and after
certain special moves like Juggernaut Punch, Web Throw, Berserker Barrage (if
all hits connect), and Shockwave. If any of those moves hit the enemy, they
are sent flying across the screen and the view follows them, and after they
land, the other fighter jumps into the screen from the side.
However, if you are too close to the corner of the playing field, there
is no where for the person who is hit to fly. Thus, after getting sent into
the Flying Screen, they will just hug the corner wall going up, and then down
and hit the floor. So essentially, if you hit the enemy while you’re in the
corner and they are sent into the Flying Screen and you can recover quickly
enough, you can add extra hits AFTER or BEFORE they land!
Here’s the easiest example: if you’re Wolverine and you do a Fierce
Berserker Barrage against someone in the corner and you get all hits to
connect, the enemy will be sent into the Flying Screen but he won’t go
anywhere because you’re both in the corner. The enemy will merely fly against
the wall up and then down. Wolverine recovers fast enough from the Berserker
Barrage to be able to hit the enemy Off The Ground after they land. So
Wolverine can tack on an OTG Juggling Combo after the Berserker Barrage in the
corner in the form of a Crouching Short -> Crouching Strong -> Standing
Roundhouse for three extra hits.
Now, there are a lot of limitations to the Flying Screen. The biggest
limitation is that after the Flying Screen is initiated, a person can no
longer Super Jump NOR perform a special move until the comboed person is ABLE
TO BLOCK AGAIN. Until the enemy is able to block, you won’t be able to do a
single Special Move or a Super Jump. So in the above Wolverine example, you
CANNOT hit them off the floor with a Crouching Short -> Crouching Strong into
a Tornado Claw NOR can you do all three hits and then go for the Air Combo
after the Roundhouse Launcher. The Flying Screen will prevent you from doing
any sort of Special Move or Super Jump until the enemy can block again.
However, one GOOD thing about Flying Screen Combos is that the Flying
Screen also restricts the person being hit. Once they are sent into the
Flying Screen, they are not allowed to roll when they land. THUS< OTG Combos
after Flying Screen initiations are NOT escapable and 100% definitely a combo.
Thus, even though the above Wolverine Combo is an OTG Combo, the enemy cannot
roll to escape it.
More technicalities with Flying Screen Combos. Whenever you do two hits
while Super Jumping (last one being a Fierce or Roundhouse), the Flying Screen
is initiated as said before. Some special cases allow you to actually hit the
enemy AGAIN after the initial Air Combo and Flying Screen initiation. For
example, if you end an Air Combo with Fierce while you are in the corner with
Captain America, you will knock the enemy slightly upwards with the Fierce.
Since you are in the corner, the enemy will start falling back down and pass
by Captain America again, who has not yet landed from his Super Jump. Thus,
in this time, Captain America can land MORE hits on the enemy while they are
both on their way down. If Captain America hits them with a Magic Series and
ends with Fierce or Roundhouse, they will take the damage and still hit the
floor afterwards, unable to roll or block. HOWEVER, if Captain America,
during this time, hits the enemy and stops at a Jab, Short, Strong, or
Forward, the enemy will recover afterwards and can block on their way down

taken from MSH faq. dont know if its what you are looking for, but its by j.chen.

thanks philopia. thats actually just the kind of thing i was lookin for =]

Okay, hit me. :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t understand the question. Shoulda posted that shit about landing in between earlier, nigro.