Flying sents and running storms

i can hold my own against almost any team. i don’t fear anything…except for those bastard sents and storms that fly and runaway all the time.

strider doesn’t have any tools to keep them on the ground. the bird is way too slow. and it seems like the only thing strider can do is use an assist like BH/capcom, or do that horizontal flying thing in the air, which isn’t that good either.

the only way i can beat those guys is use capcom/BH. and i can only do that when i’m feeling at the top of my game. cuz you cannot afford any mistakes when not playing with sent/storm/etc.

so what do you guys do against that damned flying sent!?

teleport and keep orbs on against Sentinel. against Storm I ALWAYS do birdxxorbs. some bomb cancels here and there are good for keeping the pressure on too. After all, who wants to mess w/ that bomb? Sentinel is easy to trap. He’s so big that he just isn’t gonna go anywhere. But characters with good runaway games (i.e. Storm, Dhalism) have a tendency to counter Strider :frowning: . If at all possible, I generally use Sentinel against Sentinel or Storm, though. I think we all struggle with this stuff a little bit though :o .

once sentinel’s trapped, it’s relatively easy to keep him trapped. the only problem is when capcom comes in and hits you, or you slip up or something, where he gets the luxury of being full screen away. bird xx ouro, is not fast enough to catch him sj’ing. teleport is not high enough to hit him when he’s flying high. bombs aren’t high enough either.

watch the video with cl0ck at evo. the one where cl0ck P0WNS them the 2nd second round, but gets p0wned back the 3rd round. what happened during the 3rd round? cl0ck was forced to waste too many meters with sent flying away like a big baby.

if you can’t get sentinel in the trap; then you’re screwed. but if you can land orbs you can go into the infinite. do the infinite until you build a meter or until it stops doing damage and snap him out to the assist.

When u activate orbs and Sent/Storm begin to run away what I do (and I noticed many other S/D users do) is SJ and just start spamming the screening with as many blue orbs as u can. This doesnt always work on Storm cuz she can get lucky and dodge all of them but Sent is so big that most of the tim he will be forced to block and fall to the ground.

runaway storm, without orbs theres not much you can do to stop her in the air, so i dont even bother going up there. might as well stay on the ground and build meter. if you have orbs you can jump, double jump up there or super jump, qcf+jab right up her ass. she has to come and fight you anyway at some point. if youre just throwing drones+birds+ doing some chippin in orbs etc eventually shes going to get hit/chipped alittle where she has to stay on the ground to win. against sent, same deal you need meter to bring him down. the main thing i do is double jump back throwing rings, land and teleport on him.

so what im getting is that bust out ur sent against his sent, and when u got u some meter, dhc into orbs, and trap his lame butt, and if he does get off flight mode, d.jump back while mashing rings land, than teleport on his lame butt. than ounce he is in the trap,l its pretty easy to keep going. and with storm, well, do the same thing. except ajust ur strats to storm. :slight_smile: just have to be careful when spaming orbs when in the air, so u dont get hailstormed. :smiley: and the bird owns her hailstorms when ur on the ground so thats what u use to cover your assists tele or orbs or what the freak ever u want to do. these are the basic strats right?

OMG i can’t believe i forgot about strider’s double jump!!! hangs head in shame

question, why is it better to sjump back dj, instead of sjump forward dj? the only reason is because of capcom, but if you bait him out, you can catch that ass on the ground. and if sent comes down and does HSF to try and stop you, you can teleport and own his ass back and infinite!!! RRRRAAARRGGGHHHH!!!

It’s a lot safer to keep your distance until you get some blockstun/hits going. if you have orbs on you can get like two hits and teleport to keep the combo going. so basically dj-ing back is playing it safe, which is very important against sentinel. Afterall, one FF from Sentinel can kill a full health Strider. :eek:

The way it goes is Strider will have trouble against anyone depending on the players execution. It’s really the key to Strider play.

Sentinel will most likley spitxxfly alot so call out your sent assist, birdxx orbs which seems promising at times (unless they call storm ground assist)Then jump up throwing rings. standing hp is good against a low flying sent at close range, risky, but hits, but risky, RISKY!

I know people say that Strider should always be played with Doom …Always!!.. But in your opinion, what do u think of my teams.
Strider/Sent/Storm:Team Fusebox
Strider/Cyc/Psy :confused:

against sent i didnt say superjump, just jump , then double jump back throwing rings and land. the screen moves up then down and theres no way for sent to avoid the rings. hes either going to block, or get hit, but either way, hes going to usually stay in place long enough for you to warp on him.

non doom team, i like sent/strider/ironman :slight_smile:

Let’s see… well my non doom team (also my low-tier team) MM/Strider/Ken.

Hey, since I don’t feel like making a new thread for this I’ll just ask here. Can anybody find practicality for Strider’s 5 fierce combo.

Jump-in (or off a warp): HP,HK,cr.HP,1234,HP,HK.

it generally does 60+ damage, but I can only hit it in a fight on large characters. In training I can hit it on average size characters, but it’s hard to do it on them in a fight. it’s fun to do off the infinite though.

So far i never met a problem with this, may be my opponent not skillful enough.

i m just thinking;
once u active orbs, do a vertical s.j.
u should can c where is the ‘run away flying bird’,
then do a qcf + lp / hp , just depend of the opponent’s position.
With your orbs, u r protected. your opponent should land with u.

Once landed, call Doom, better with overhead jump to opponent.
**Just b4 your orbs go off, do:
s.lp, lk, lp, lk, hk, qcf+hk (bird) xx into orbs super again.

Actually, if u watch out the timing and with Doom’s AAA, u can continue doing orbs super without giving opponent any chance to run away.

correct me if i m wrong.

By the way, birdxxorbs doesn’t always beat out typhoonxxhail. It’s easier to teleport over typhoon and come down attacking.

My non Doom team is Strider/sent/cammy. Heh.