Flying throws and peanuts man.... p..ts.u.g.?

Who wants to play some ac/st/kof/ tomorrow night around 4pm?

Who wants to play marvel 2/ki gold/mario kart on sunday night when Stephone shows up?

i will play tommorow

and i will try to get kyle to play, i was just at his place and i quote “i have nothing to do the rest of the weekend” so he may be down

sunday night i probably cant

I might be cool for Sunday night. I’m at work all day today, but Sunday and Monday I’m free.

Then you will be here, where there will be kfc and marvel.

Nate, we should get sonic tonight. If you take me there, I’ll pay for you to eat!! How does that sound, great right?

Sounds like a solid plan. I’ll head over at… some point.

after watching one match vid of flash

i feel sorry for myself

1/2 ish sound good?

Negatory, it would have to be in the evening. I have some stuff to do in the afternoon.

I beat Jeremy to posting in this thread.


jeremy always was your bitch, so no surprises there

it looks like we are playing on labor day


Yeah. Thats my 2nd T5 stick. The fuckin plate broke off from the faceplate so now I have to tackweld or superglue the shit together. Fucking fail.

tv broke


happiness crushed





btw, movie voiceover guy died… sorry nate.

Man, that is super lame. I have three of those fucking t 5 sticks just sitting here. They are all broke :frowning:

Which TV? The huge, stupidly heavy one?

If you have any friends in the engineering or physics department they should have access to a welder or somethin to fix the plate if thats it. But if its just buttons I can do that

Bwaha, you sir can fix buttons?

I am in your need. Buttons have gone out in every last one of my three sticks, not all of them, just a couple in each. If you can fix them, I will pay or take you to kfc, whichever you need.

yes the super heavy which

sorry about all that lifting

See its kinda dumb at the moment because I have no way of getting there being stuck here. If you order the buttons and I can find a place to actually use my soldering stuff without the fire alarms going off and having someone send the stick or the faceplate at least with the PCB here, or if I miraculously come to pittsburgh (no ride home or to the city) then I can do it. I’m waiting to find a place just so I can put my sanwas into my not-broken stick.