FNEX Presents Jump Back Roundhouse 9/4/10 Newark NJ $10 entry!

Hey guys Its DaYaShA again with another SSF4 tournament in Newark NJ. The special is that the venue fee is $5 and the pot is $5. We enjoy having tournaments for the community, so please come out and show love. If you’ve had a tournament in Jersey we have supported at least once (except espot).

Golden City
839 Broad street
Newark NJ 07102-2726

Date: September 4th

Contact number: 9732428599

Venue fee: $5.00
Tournament fee: $5.00

Please bring your own controller, I strongly suggest the use of wired controllers because some people have a habit of not turning off the wireless controllers.

The rules are simple and you all should be accustomed to them. If not let me reiterate. Failure to follow these rules will get you kicked of ze premises with no refund.

Bring your own controller.
No macros please.
No fighting please.
No stealing please.
If you pause in between combos you give up the round.
If your using a macro I.E one button throw, one button focus attack, You give up the match.
If your using turbos, we will all call you a scrub.
Keep it friendly, some people are there to gain experience.
I will be using a randomized tournament bracket system.

Super street fighter 4: XBOX 360
Depending on the turnout there will be a pot bonus. (100.00$)

Pot 70/20/10

Starts at 3pm sharp, casuals start at 2pm.

Matches are best of 3 games 2/3 rounds.

Finals are best of 5 games 2/3 rounds.

You will be recorded (main tv) and put on youtube at YouTube - FightNationEX’s Channel. Again depending on the turnout.

Feel free to pm me or post here if you have any questions or if I left something out.

You can contact me on skype @ DAYASHATHIRSTS. I prefer text.

Thats all cya then peace.


Cool any advice on how to get there from Nyc?

“If your using turbos, we will all call you a scrub.”

You are god. Lmfao!

If you can get to 33rd street, get out of the train station walk a block up to the path train, take that to journal square, walk across the platform to the newark bound train. Then once your out, the store is like three blocks away. If you need more advice contact me via email.


(my email goes straight to my phone like a text message, so I’ll answer instantly).

lmao sometimes you got to keep it real.

I am sooo going. Well I hope I do lol. Cincinnati is a looong drive away.

See yall there

Well I hope you make it safely.

mmmm jump back roundhouse!!!

I Will almost 100% be able to go.

are you sure atrain, cause we have unfinished business you and I.

Aww see, I wish I lived on the east coast. :crybaby:

me 2 so we can battle to the death with axes and shit.

Man this is going to be some sick ish!

nom nom

dayasha is a scrub. dont go to his tourneys. =P

lol, congrats at getting third at battlefield…

I might be able to make it to this one

shine… (sighs) Your mom is gonna get it now!!

bump that up bebe!

I’ll try to make it to this one as well.