Focus absorb on wakeup - meaty attacks, safe jumps


I did a search and couldn’t find an answer to this so I’m posting here.

Can you focus absorb and dash when the opponent attacks you with a meaty attack on wakeup? For example if a Ryu pokes me with a meaty crouching forward on wakeup, or Ibuki throws a kunai that will hit meaty, should I be able to focus absorb the attack and dash? I can’t seem to but I don’t know if this is just because I don’t have the timing down.

What about if a Ryu sweeps me then does a safe jump against me? Should I be able to focus absorb the attack on wakeup and backdash?


This may be not the answer you’re looking for, but if wake up FA does work, just watch out for option selects.

Ryu can OS a sweep, tatsu, and U1. Ibuki can OS her neckbreaker.


This doesn’t directly answer your question, but if an opponent meaties you, you wouldn’t want to focus attack on wakeup. If you forward dashed, you’re very likely to eat an attack since most meaties would recover by the time your dash is finished. If you backdashed, you could mess up your input or eat the move (focus absorbed for white damage) plus whatever it’s buffered into (like Ryu cr. mk into fireball). Thus it’s much better just to backdash on wakeup.

For a jump in, yes you should be able to focus absorb and immediately backdash. This is one option that Bison has against Ryu’s safe jump OS setup.


Thanks, I guess I just don’t have the timing down to focus absorb and dash on wakeup yet.


Focus absorbs on wake up are not always safe. Example, Balrog does meaty jab while you are down - you can absorb the first hit, but before you can dash out, the second jab will hit into a free combo. Same goes just for about every character. Ryu can meaty, but he can follow up with a hado which will hit you before you can dash or before the attack comes out.

Focus absorbs can be safe against cross up attempts on wake up. You can absorb the air attack on the cross up, and dash forward away from him before he lands to follow up. But, it won’t work against option selects. For example, Ryu does for cross up on wake up - you absorb, but if he OS a srk, you will eat a srk before you can recover in time from the dash to block it.

Overally, focus absorbs can be against cross ups unless they are OS’ing everything. FA would be a bad option against crouching meaty.


Yes, you can FA (and then backdash) on wakeup. In fact, there is a reversal window to help you do so, even though the reversal message doesn’t appear. Focus dashing can’t be OS’ed because the absorb causes an impact freeze, but the weakness is you can be thrown (you can’t dash out of a FA for 4 frames) and if your backdash sucks you might not get out of the way fast enough and get hit by the rest of their string. Also it can probably be punished on reaction if your opponent looks for it, since the Focus Absorb pauses the game briefly.