Focus anti air spammers


I know if I was better it wouldn’t be an issue for me but what’s with people using focus attacks every time I jump in. No anti air normals, just focus every time. They act sort of like parries, even if I manage to block in time I’m then in a frame trap where I have to guess or tech a throw. I use Rufus a bit and his dive kicks become a liability against focus.

I’m finding focus spammers in general annoying and hard to deal with. Often I find myself having to do ex moves in anticipation which is never a good strategy.

The current trend of mid level online play is getting more and more gimmick ridden.


…thanks for the update on focus spammers. I think Anderson Cooper should do a report on his CNN show about this. The world really needs to know about how much of a problem this is. Hopefully we can all resume consequence free dive kicking with our beloved Rufus as soon as possible. :-bd


avoid jumping. if they focus a low dive kick you were probrablly predictable.

if you cant stop jumping or dive kicking predictably, or if they are just really focusing every time, try empty jump into throw.

another option is to train yourself to react to your shit getting focused with ex messiah or ultra.


Wow, a Rufus player complaining he can’t spam dive kicks because other players are spamming focus.

Too funny!


These predictable smartass forum trolls…

One solution could be to land with a throw / backdash / DP (double hit fast special) because a focus is hella slow to become active. But that mean you include this option in your attack. Being less autopilot and reacting / predicting the possible answers your opponent can use.

If you consider the situation a litlle, they react to you jumping by focusing, they have to do it early, meaning they will prolly do it too if you neutral jump doing nothing. A good new option for you to bait a focus doing neutral jump to target combo or ex kick maybe.


I love how a right answer to a “repeatedly used move” is now also considered spamming. “Man he keeps spamming counter hits! What a gimmicky ridden loser”

Also funny, coming from someone who thought it would be a good idea to tell the world he completed all the trials.

Greatest avatar on srk though…


…and they honestly thought we care about their posts.


also if you notice focus vs divekicks isnt an issue at the highest level. study some vids or something to figure out why its not as solid an answer as it is at mid or low levels.