Focus Attack and damage scaling

Now this might be theory fighting only due to timing and the variable of the dizzied opponents potential button mashing but here goes regardless.

Say you’ve just dizzied an opponent with a combo and are set on using a FA to start another, damage scaling will obviously be pretty extreme, my question is, assuming perfect timing, is there a window AFTER the opponent recovers from the dizzy where they can be hit by a level three FA WITHOUT an option for escape.

Basically is there a recovery period of any length in frames after the dizzy before the character will respond to any inputs that would allow for the FA to hit and the damage scaling to reset?

Dan for instance has the thumbs up animation that he performs after a dizzy. Has the damage scaling reset?

if they reversal you’re boned, i’m pretty sure reversals out of dizzy still have the armor breaking property.

i think once the recovery word pops up is both when they’re out of dizzy and when the combo counter has reset, so if they mashed out then charge characters could be totally boned because they’d have no charge to hit you with an invincible or one frame move. so it comes down to whether or not you’re airborne to strikes, but i guess you’re not, eh? holding up beats jumps but i can combo you with jabs or something still if i do it before the 4th frame

wouldn’t it be impossible to time because it’s partially dependent on how hard they mash?

edit: oh, you mentioned the variable mashing.

I think you can attack right after your dizzy ends, I’ll have to test that. Once they stop being dizzy the damage scaling stops and you will start doing normal damage again.

It’s the same as if you throw and start an FA 3 to land as they wakeup, no matter what you do if you’re aiming for a reset, they can get out of it due to the defensive nature of SF4. Backdash, start a jump so they get hit but sent flying(you can still juggle combo that), and invincible reversal to armor break. So yes you can do it, but they have many options to screw up your FA charge, and they’re overly safe as well.

And as others have said, the dizzy timing is dependent on their button mashing to get out fo it.