Focus Attack to air throw?



I’m just wondering if this can still be done, because I can’t seem to pull if off in training mode. Is there a little bit of a trick I just don’t know. I’d say my execution as far as moves go is medium as I can flashkick ultra 2, but can’t do this for the life of me.


Focus Attack lvl 3 -> dash forward -> neutral jump, back+airthrow


Correct me, if I am wrong, but it is actually not that easy like described above.
The timing seems to be very strict or did they chang anything since the last patch?


Just tested it, works fine on Ryu. Timing seems to be more strict on Chun, you have to hit back+airthrow juuuust [S]before you hit the ground[/S] about when she collapses forward. Haven’t tested it on anyone else.

I don’t think it has changed.


Sorry I never got back to you guys! The trick for me was definitely the timing of the throw on the way down after the lvl three hit. If you think of it as a glitch if really helps, as I can land it every time now, but it’s just really really weird to watch and perform initially.