Focus Attack to Ultra and Dash Ultra

I have looked all over the forums but the instructions for hitting this are unclear.

I can’t seem to be able to get the lvl 2 back dash to ultra or the level 3 for that matter. If the ultra comes out after the dash i always hit the bad guy twice then they fly out of range

What i gather is you hold back then do the focus attack? or do you hold back during the focus attack? Then you input and other back command whilst letting got of the focus buttons then as you finish the dash you tap forward then back then forward and the kicks?

Is this correct?

Also when trying to dash forward during the dash forward to ultra… does it have to be uber fast?

I have been trying to land these for a while and its causing me some frustration :frowning:

Any points would be fantastic. As i stated i have already looked plus the search function is down right now.

ask me in the q & a thread and ill be happy to answer your question…

again pls dont make threads to ask simple questions… you could have posted in the compendium and gotten your question answered there as well…

and finally you could have just pm’d me the question.


okay posted.

delete this thread then please =)