Focus Attack


Just wanted to start some discussion about how to properly train on using Focus Attack. I think that I’m misunderstanding ways to effectively use it. Would be nice if some of the og’s here can shed some light.

Specifics? None really. Punishing focus and using focus to punish I guess is a big one for me. Can someone go in-depth on focus attack mechanics?


Try to use it when you expect a non LK OR LP at a focus attack distance. If they are fast enough to react they will most likely jump back. If they attack as soon as it hit the focus and absorbs release and you may get a crumple. If you do get a crumple dash forward and punish.

You can also use focus as a bait for a reversal. When you get a knockdown focus so it seems like you will hit when they get up, but instead of hit cancel it and backdash. This works sometimes as some will reversal and some will not. If they don’t take advantage of this. Keep charging it and as soon as they get up they get hit by a focus (If you time it right) and then dash up and punish.

You can also use it as a anti-air. If they jump at you charge and they may attack. If they do release and punish, but this all depends on your timing.

You can also just use red focus when in a sticky situation like a corner. Some players keep hitting and you get em. I don’t recommned fully charging it though. Alot of people are getting used to it so you gotta do it fast.

You can also use red focus in a combo.

Hope this helps!


Sorry for double post but this is here to get attention on the EDITS I made in my post.


Ok I’ll be a bit more specific. I understand the basic foundation on how focus CAN be used. I was looking for a deeper look into the metagame on when or when not to focus.


One last thing. Focusing fireballs.

I honestly don’t know if I can or the topic of focus attack can go deeper then what I told, besides the frames of each focus attack for each character.


due to ^ this guy’s immense knowledge can someone delete this thread.


Is that sarcasm? I hope not.

Also just keep it. Some people don’t know how to use the focus actually. This thread would help.


Did they throw out a fireball? Focus and backdash, forward dash if your forward is fast.

Got shit for armor breakers? Use it on their wake up and bait shit or just to fuck with em.

Really not much to using Focus at all. Use it to make unsafe shit safe and use a raw FA to just punish shit to ultra or if you have a fast and long ranged FA use it in footsies.

Just don’t go overboard with it and use it sparingly up close.


Use it to absorb an attack and punish. The concept is simple. For example if decapre is consistently using non Armour breaking scramble options against you, focus blows that right up.


A pretty simple mind-game is focusing against someone in the corner. Not necessarily a good idea depending on who you’re playing against and who you’re using, but often people will do their first impulse and jump back, which naturally doesn’t do very much in the corner. Then you just dash in and uppercut them.

Also, it’s difficult to find current frame data for it, but depending on their FA and dash speed, certain characters are plus or negative after blocked focus then dash. Level 1 focus to dash, on block or non-crumple hit, generally puts you at slight or considerable disadvantage, level 2 blocked puts you at usually neutral or a small advantage. Lots of people feel that they can just level 1 focus in all the time, but it either doesn’t help or is punishable.


This is the type of stuff i’m looking for. Addressing the different situations where focus might seem powerful but it doesn’t help or can be punished. Frame data at this age of the game for focus is pretty necessary imo. I’m sure its hard to get into specifics but hey that’s why it’s a forum.


If you can predict the other guy is going to use a light poke, focus, let go right away and dash back.
If you predict the other guy is using a heavy poke, focus longer, smash stun and dash forward.

You can also guard break or release early to try and predict when they will let go of block to do something.
There is also dashing through pokes.
Viper is too slow to focus attack with, Dhalism is to slow to try and forward dash with.

Rolento has one of the best focus attacks.