Focus attacks and arcade sticks?


For those of you using arcade sticks…

Are you using your thumb and pointer finger or your thumb and middle finger for focus attacks???


There’s a street fighter iv forum already…

In case you misesd it:


using my middle finger for this thread.


i use the power of my mind :coffee:


Does it even matter?


I guess not…

that’s why I made an entire thread and poll for the question, because it really doesn’t matter


Mods, if possible if you could move this to the SFIV forum, I’d appreciate it


middle finger alone…seriously


Mods, lock it up

Apparently I can’t ask a basic question without a swarm of sexually frustrated dorks who live in their parents basement jumping on my case

/end thread


maybe, because it’s an incredibly idiotic one? well, I guess you already realized this.


It’s actually not that idiotic of a question, I just started playing the game and have NEVER used an arcade stick before. Obviously form with arcade sticks is crucial to being competitive. Asking others what they use w/ regard to form isn’t really all that stupid.


Whatever is easier for you.

I suck on stick, I don’t use my thumb at all because thumb is inconsistent.


Valid point

What’s easier for me may not be the proper technique, and coming to a forum like this to ask some experienced players is not uncommon

My swing in golf is extremely easy for me, it sucks and is 100% inefficient, but it’s easy for me, get my drift?


…Welcome to SRK?


What ElderGOD is true: whatever is easier for you. There’s no real right or wrong way for a simple input like that on a stick.


Haha, I appreciate the “warm” welcome

Keep the votes coming though, looks like a decent turnout thus far