Focus cancel EX fireball into Ultra

I pulled this off the other day…

Was playing a ken that was sitting back fire balling, i was absorbing them to build my ultra meter… then he threw a EX fireball… I focus cancelled the first hit of the fireball and cancelled in to ultra (going through the 2nd hit of the fireball)

Was thinking about it afterwards and the timing seems almost impossible. I cant remember seeing if there was a dash frame in between focus absorbing the fire ball and the ultra, or not.

Just wondering if this was a known technique, and if its actually usable in a match.

You probably did an EX cancel into ultra.

qcf+pp qcf+ppp really quickly as soon as a fireball hits

It wasnt a EX CoD though, the first hit was focus cancelled (mk+mp). I see how qcf+pp qcf+ppp would work in though.

as for the focus absorb into ultra, i really doubt it… but if you can proof it, thatd be nice.

Thats why i posted here, to see if anyone else was aware it could be done, or could clarify how its actually done.

Timing for this must be on par with the kara raging demon.

Cant “proof” it as i wasnt recording it, and i doubt it can be done through trying it again as it was mainly luck.

I cant only imagine it went something like: focus absorbe first hit of EX hadoken, dash back into ultra.

i HIGHLY doubt you did focus xx ultra. abels back dash sucks so there is no way you could back dash an ex hadou and still have time to ultra. 2nd you mustve done the ex CoD xx Ultra because why would you be doing the ultra motion from a focus? my guess, you did qcf P, MP/MK (but it is registering CoD) then qcf PPP since you are doing the ultlra immediately you probably pressed 2 punches also doing the ex CoD. im just guessing you didnt do it because ive tried doing this shit when the game first came out and have never done it (playing since august 08) and im pretty sure a ton of people thought about it but it just cant be done from a focus, you cant cancel the focus other than to dash out.

here is a video of me doing this CoD xx Ultra, (yes it doesnt look like a CoD but more of a focus but it is CoD) [media=youtube]graLqJPFjGU[/media]

Gotta admit, it did look very similar to that vid you posted of CoD xx Ultra! Have you use this in any matches at all? Looks pretty effective in a situation where your opponent thinks an ex fireball is too fast for abels ultra input to be executed and will catch you off guard.

Im just a bit baffled how i would have done that as literally, all i was doing while he was fire balling me was focus absorbing them… it might be worth looking in to more… it might be that i slipped (although it would have had to have been an almighty slip) and done EX CoD xx Ultra, either way, it was in the final round and it won me a match :rofl:

Err, it doesnt matter ex or not, you can ultra any fireballs just fine on reaction. This is probably only useful against meaties, but its pretty hard to apply in a real match… Its good to know and maybe master this, but im yet to see people pull this off consistenly (there’s a vid of maybe juicebox doing it against a real opponent somewhere).

actually i have used it in a match. did it against a low forward fireball, (ive done both where i ex cod the low forward xx ultra, and ex cod the fireball after the low forward and ultra.) what i have been using a lot more lately though is ex cod xx ex roll. best move if you are in trouble and they are jumping in at you. if they do a move you roll away free. out of all of them so far, ex cod xx ex roll is probably the best one imo.

im pretty sure you did ex CoD xx ultra because if you think about it, you were inputting the ultra. you cant focus back dash/forward dash ultra a fireball, they will be able to block if you even get the ultra off and of course the fireball would hit you even before you could dash or anything. if you are CERTAIN you did focus xx ultra. prove it, go into training mode and show us because if so you found something new that nobody has discovered. im almost certain you did ex cod xx ultra, it would be cool if you proved me wrong but i highly doubt u will.

/thread :frowning:

im still busy getting my execution down with abel basics, no time to practice ex armor tricks :frowning:

Yeah thats what im thinking, would be cool if it was actually a focus cancel xx ultra, through the 2nd hit, as you could then apply it to alot of 2hit combos, but its sounding very unlikely.

Thanks for the youtube link up there, ive subscribed and will keep an eye on it, picked up a few tricks already :wgrin:

And yeah, i use abel’s ultra to counter meaty fireballs all the time online, its great to see them throw it, then you ultra while the fireball is actually touching you… its times like this i like to close my eyes and imagine what the other player is doing at this exact moment… :sad:

It’s a kara ultra. End of story.

lol at the reckless usage of the word “kara”…

i believe armored ultra is one of the more proper term(its called armor cancel in japan just for extra info), or ex ultra.

Doesn’t sound too practical but it is pretty flashy, I wouldn’t take the risk doing one of these when a regular ultra will do. But I guess you could probably use it if you need that extra distance.

Another use would be EX Recca>EX TT. Its hard to pull off, but its nice against 2 hit normals like Akuma or Sagats roundhouse. Only been abelto it in training mode, haven’t been able to do it in game.

Since you dashed back after the 1st hit, it’s very possible. Maybe you could hit training mode and recreate the scenario.

Never mind…saw the you tube link. EX CoD > ultra…I’m gonna practice that.

It’d seem possible is you dashed back and ultra’d through the second fireball. I guess you were mashing the ultra like crazy…lol.

Personally, if they’re spamming the fireball and if I some life to burn, I’ll let them hit me with a fireball, maybe block 2, then I absorb to close the distance and let them have the ultra.

“Kara” Ultra?

Uhh …

I don’t think so.

Like hfz mentioned, it’s coined “Armor cancel”.

lol please let this thread die. (last post lol)