Focus cancel normals? (kinda) to make them safe in SFV?

Dunno if this is common knowledge, but I saw only one mention of this anywhere. If you activate V-trigger right after a normal you can make any unsafe normal safe. Kind of like focus cancel in SFIV. You can only do it once per round though.

I tested it with Cammy’s cr. HK. (-12 on block) A blocked cr. HK with V-trigger cancel is safe enough to backdash against Zangief’s Critical Art which has a startup of 1 frame. Also tested with st. lp on block. It’s worse with V-trigger cancel than without. But that doesn’t matter since it’s safe on block anyway.
So… All normal moves that are minus on block can be made safe once per round with a V-trigger cancel. Was this known?

Yeah, it’s a pretty common way to use V-trigger. It’s really useful.

Focus cancel? Please never use that term with SFV ever again.

That is character dependent. I can build up multiple v-meters with Nash in one round rather easily by absorbing projectiles with his v-skill.