Focus Charge into back dash into ultra?



When learning how to sponge into forward dash into ultra, i somehow managed to back dash into it on occasion. Does anyone have any clue how I did this? I am having trouble reproducing it, but I am sure that I did this? I’m not crazy am I? If someone could get it down, it could certainly be useful against people on wakeup. I apologize for not having a video available, though it happened out of nowhere.


It depends on how close you are to the wall. I think you can do it from mid screen, but you have to be quick with it.

If you want to hit it more often, push your opponent into a corner. The High Claw drags down and can hit them really late in the crumple of the Focus Attack.


db(charge) focus ;f;f (or b;b) df;d;db;b;ub+k / kkk
db(charge)Focus f;f; (or b;b) db;uf+k / kkk

I think


I wasn’t talking about a focus attack into it, but just the focus charge


i had trouble pulling this off until i asked jozhear for help since i saw him do it in one of his match videos. i think he explained it to me rather nicely:

focus charge, backdash, reverse chicken wing + 3K. when i thought about it this way, the execution just seemed a lot clearer to me and i was able to do it

if you do it too slow or too fast, it probably won’t work. try to keep it in sync with the end of vega’s backdash animation

also it’s important to know that you’re able to start up a focus attack even when you are crouching

once you get the hang of it it’s pretty easy. for some reason though, performing backdash ultra without the use of a focus charge is really hard. i don’t know if it’s just me, but the timing seems a lot stricter in comparison


i am not even sure you can do a strict backdash into ultra, backdash is 22 frames long, charge is 42, if you dont manage to buffer the first 20 frames of charge during a long enough recovery after a move, or a focus hyper armor hit freeze. But maybee there are some bypass that allow the charge to not be lost during the input of a backdash/forwarddash code.

there is maybee a possibility that we can net a few more (2 or 3) frames of charging after the backdash before actually seeing the toon moving to crouching block stance, but that would still leave a little above 15 frames we have to get from somewhere before the backdash.


that’s interesting. i’m not too sure about the frame data involved, but it’s very much possible to do:

i’ve also managed to pull it off a couple of times in training mode


niceee =]… i got a question doh , ARE u using a STICK or PAD whn u pull dis OFF ?? cuz ima pad 360 pad plyer & the forward & back dash in2 ultra is by far the HARDEST to execute…ive only pull the forward dash in2 ultra once ina REAL MATCH & alcouple timesz in training mode…NEVA tried to doo the back dash in2 ultra


i use stick

but tbh i can’t do vega’s ultra on a 360 pad for the life of me lol


i use ps3 pad and i can pull it of Focusdash level 2 especially on the right side 98% of time, left 50%.


though backdash 22 frames is longer than forward dash 20 frames, the focus attack dash cancel into ultra is easier with a backdash because the 2 frames you lose on the dash you more than compensate by a quicker startup animation on a closer backwall.

it is probably working the other way round if you jump to front wall, backwall jump works just fine when you are cornered though, maybee front wall jump is usefull when doing the move close to the enemy’s corner, backwall still works in this situation but timing is kind of tight.

another theory, is maybe there are some charging bonus involved when doing a backdash. in the frame datta above relying on the wiki, (might still be innacurate) i didn’t even factor in the frames needed to input the code, since we need 42 frames of charging,1 frame to register DF, 1 frame to register DB, and one frame to register UB + KKK inputs.
Tthat would lead to 45 frames required to pull the move and possibly even more if the input code needs more than 3 directions recorded. something I am almost positive, i think i remember reading somewhere the ultra code could span from a tight 6 frames to something like a lenient 30+ frames .


i have to use 2 hands to do vega’s ultra on a controller =) left hand on the stick, bring the right hand over to press left trigger. i just can’t do it with one hand

Of course I play matches on a stick at every opportunity… only use pad at friend’s

and backdash ultra is ridiculously hard for some raeson. i hope it’s easier to do in ssf4, especially w/ BHc being buffed.


why don’t you change the button config on your control to make KKK right bumper? I did that and it makes doing the ultra very easy… or rather much easier.

Also I am a little disappointed if I won’t be able to rely on BHC completely for AA, however if they fixed the hitbox then it can be alot more reliable for when you don’t need invincibility.

Also I would like to note that with the new properties of BHC he has an EX FBA that can be used from dashes. Just thought that people should think about that now.


haha lolzz !! , i should be PROUD 4 pullin off stuff wit a 360 control =]


Hey Doodz, I’ve been wanting to share this little trick I do to execute backdash FADC to Ultra easily. This thread seems like a good place to bring it up. I’m talking about focusing projectiles etc, and canceling into the Ultra, NOT landing a focus crumple into Ultra.

So back when I was learning to do this I could focus fwd dash into Ultra pretty easily but I kept having trouble with the backdash for some reason, like the 2 back inputs would break my charge because I wan’t doing it fast enough or something.

Then I noticed a weird mechanic with the Focus system: If you are holding a direction BEFORE you start the focus (and continue holding it), that input will carry over as the first input of a dash in that same direction. For example, if you are walking fwd and press mp+mk to focus, you only need to tap fwd once to fwd dash out of the focus (because you were already holding fwd to walk when you started focusing). I believe this is how pros seem to effortlessly and fluidly dash through fireballs.

**This mechanic can be applied to the down-back charge of Vega’s Ultra, since the db contains a back input. Basically, as long as you begin the db charge before you begin the focus, you only need to tap back once to backdash out. ** This method made my execution of the backdash FADC to Ultra jump to pretty much 100%. Not having to input back twice let me do the rest of the Ultra motion quickly enough that I was actually doing it too fast at the very beginning. You can even start the db charge pretty much right when you start the focus, as long as it’s just slightly before it and you hold the focus long enough for the charge to count for the Ultra.

Another interesting application for this is that you can do a “fake” empty backdash to Ultra very easily. If you’ve already charged down-back, you can input a Focus and tap back almost simultaneously, with the focus just barely earlier- similar to a Kara throw input. Vega will backdash out before the Focus animation is even visible, giving the appearance that you’ve just done an empty backdash…finish the Ultra motion and you’ve done a pseudo backdash into Ultra :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this is helpful, sorry if it’s common knowledge but I’ve never heard it mentioned before. If my description isn’t clear I can try to make a video or something.


Hey ya ive uploaded a Video were i was plying sum CASUALs wit 1 of my friendsz on my LIST…we plyed 10 games it was 5-5.

i only got to UPLOAD 1 video since my camera is acting up soo here it is & my MOST FAvoritE :smiley: , CHECK out what i PULLED OFF in the 2nd ROUND & REMEMBER this i PLAY wit a 360 DPAD :wink: !!


Feel FRee to COMMENT the VIDEO…ty VM =]…more CASUAL vids to come whn my camera stops acting up


dude you’re the best poster on this website!
thanks a lot for sharing this amazing stuff!


This just made it a hell of a lot easier for me, thank you.


hehe forward dash into ultra nice stuff dude, i enjoyed the rythm of your playstyle too. i am going to try to do that in training mode, maybee it is easier than the backdash one, everyone here seems to find it easier to do FA forwad dash cancel into ultra rather than the backdash version, it has always been the other way round for me.

Also i am going to give another chance to deuy’s gimmick it did not work very well for me in the past but maybee now i am ready for it.

Thanks for sharing that info with us though deuy, the fireball focus crossing thing looks very intresting i never though of doing it this way.


thanxs MENG I APPRECIATE iT =]]]]]]