Focus Dash Into Super & Ultra - What It Is, What It's used for - How To Do It

This thread has been posted in M.Bison forum, perhaps that I was M.Bison in that video and showed how to avoid the projectiles. BUT. It has the same principle for every charge character. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to let them know as well.


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I really do hope you find this video useful. Cheers. :slight_smile:

Tutorial part starts at time: 2:10.

This is old news. Why post it here if it’s already in the character sub-forums? :confused:

Cool vid I guess…

I don’t this would work as well for blanka unless you were right on top of them. They’d have plenty of time to react to his little arcing roll first.

Because any charge character can use this input to FA, Dash, Super/Ultra, not just Dictator.
This can be pretty useful and many players aren’t aware you can do that to tell you the truth.

Still not justified. It’s useful information, but it’s information that’s already ABUNDANT in the character sub-forums. Every other day or so someone is asking FADC > Ultra OMGZ How To Do?! and there is someone explaining it.

But if you like your forum clogged and redundant with pointless/clone threads, hey, that’s YOUR cup of tea.

No sheit, sherlock.

nice editing

u mad?

lol, I read your post in a hurry and ended up misreading it, I thought you were asking him why post this in the SF4 forum instead of a character sub-forum.
Not having english as your primary language sucks ass. ._.

You don’t need to focus to pull this off.

You used SFEX music. You already get 5 stars for that alone.

Yes, but 70% of the time you meet a character with projectiles, he is gonna over use it, which means he will atleast pull of two projectiles in a row. That’s why I found this so useful to absord one of them and surprise with a super. What’s the point trying to do this without absorbing one of the projectile… It’s like lottery.

You gotto love it. :slight_smile:

It’s a nice vid.

But how many Ryu’s are just gonna throw out their ultra like that. I know the vid is for demo purposes, but for all your dash Ultra’s there is plenty of time to block and avoid it.

Well, that was just a example on how it works, that it can avoid a projectile. The Focus Dash into ultra is very tricky to get in. Practice and reading your opponent can get a long away.

Then those 70% you play are amateurs. Any good player who zones with projectiles does not consecutively throw them unless the initial fireball has landed, block or hit, and they are at a safe distance to deal with counterattacks.

Cool trick? Definitely.

Practical? Absolutely not.

^Way back when, there’s a vid of some Japanese tournament (?) footage of a Guile player dash-ultra’ing through a Ryu fireball. The Guile player was in the corner, and Ryu was at a safe enough distance to not get hit by the ultra if it’d been the regular version.

Also in the Chun forums, there’s vids of a Chun player landing FA dash ultra against a Sagat - twice in the same round.

A lot of fireballers will throw that second fireball, especially at a distance, seeing you absorb the first one and knowing that you can’t absorb another, and must dash either forward or backwards. Usually, its a good way to keep you locked down. Plus, MANY Sagat/Ryu/Ken players will throw an EX fireball, and then immediately throw a regular fireball after it.

I wouldn’t say its impractical, just not often used. You sort of have to commit to the ultra while dashing - and unless your opponent has done something blatantly punishable, that can be hard to confirm. I dunno if you can use it regularly or even abuse it, but if you can do it its a nice tool to have in your arsenal.

Nice video, moreso than the fact that you can FADC into Ultra, I learned that Bison’s Super and Ultras go through fireballs… I never knew that…


So how do you dash forward yet still hold the charge?

The vid makes it look easy as hell lol.