Focus Documentary

Hi there,

i was just wondering what happened with the “Focus Documentary”?
Seems like there is no specific information when it´ll be released. The website still says Spring 2011 (
Does anybody have information on this? Is this still going to be released somewhere?


Thank you for the link.

Why the hell did nobody bump this ?

Go watch it !

It was only posted about 45 minutes ago…

Uhm, around 3 hours ago actually.

Oh, I was going by FB, so my mistake.

np, I hope this makes it to the frontpage of SRK.

Much respect to Mike Ross! And much respect to everyone involved in the making of this documentary! This movie solidly expresses what makes competitive gaming such a passion for many gamers around the world, and it even goes deeper than that! Very good stuff!

Also, I’m glad that Mike Ross continues to play and compete to this day … going longer than the “1 more year” cutoff that he mentions in this doc. And I hope he continues to love competing just as much now, if not moreso, as he expressed throughout this doc!

Grab it here:

Great Great Great documentary… Mike Ross is not only a great player but an inspiration on how to focus on what you want.

One thing that bugs me about this documentary is that they spell Alex Valle’s name as “Alex Valee” at one point. It’s in those big capital letters that slowly stretch across the screen. It was bugging the hell out of me.

Otherwise, this documentary is solid.

Just watched this and it was very good.

Out of curiosity, why isn’t this thread bigger? Or is there another thread discussing this documentary I’m not aware of? If so, link?

Documentary was great. Made the King of Chinatown documentary look like a steaming pile of crap.

Maybe if you’d watch it you’d find out?

Looks good. However, I don’t care much for the entire thing revolving around a single player. I am sure his story is great, but I would rather watch a documentary about the community as a whole. Kind of like Frag. Although, even that had to jump on the Fatal1ty fan boy bus for a good 15 minutes.

do they even mention his mvc2 days

EDIT: just finished watching it. was enjoyable, but pretty much what i expected, focusing on sf4 and almost acting like he never existed before sf4. does mike hate mvc2 that much? XD

Out of curiosity has Mike ever posted here?