Focus Fire 2010 Grand Finals: RoyalPhlush vs. EG JWong



I learned in this tournament that Ill NEVER use a standard PS3 controller again! I fucked up so many times its not even funny lol but oh well…




Im a new fan of your Ken. Congradulations on getting to finals.


really solid game play phlush. Over all I thought you out played JW, he just got some really clutch moments that turned the tide. that missed super at the end really sucked, that would have sealed the deal.

other then that, I think if you would have juice kicked after getting knock downs, it would have gave you a slight advantage with your rush down. but I can understand why you didn’t want to. high risk low reward type deal.

you put on a really good show. congrats on 2nd man. hope you make it to WCW3. I’d love to see your ken in action. good stuff.


Thanks man! And papercut yeah trust me if I had a controller I was familiar with I def woulda been doin a lot more juicekicks but in matches before that I was fuckin up tryin to do a lot of advanced shit I normally do with 360 controllers.

And I wish I could make it to WCW3 its the 15th right?


yeah, HDR starts on the 15th, finals on the 16th. I didn’t enter last year, but I went to spectate for a bit. the venue they have is really nice. classy place. should be really fun this year.


Well played, man, I feel like you should have won it. Your walk-up knees became a bit predictable near the end but your AA’ing was exceptional. See you online some time, I can’t remember the last time you signed on.


A.O…oh nm…good job sir


Yeah thanks Norieaga I feel I shoulda won too but I’ll get em next time and I’ll see you online soon…

Cvital you goofy lol! You should try to make it WCW3 too how far is it from you?


That was a good performance Phlush. You definitely outplayed JW for the most part.


When n where is this wcw3 thing??


WCW is in SoCal and it’s the 2nd weekend of January I think. I was gonna go, but I forgot I had a booking that weekend.


Great matches between phlush and jwong. I’v watched the matches 3 times over and every time i still think Phlush is going to win.