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So I just picked up my order from you guys (great work by the way!), and as I was going through my box of goodies I stumbled across these…things. I honestly have no idea what I’m looking at!

They are 3M branded ScothLocks. They are able to connect wires by clipping them together with only your fingers. They are for the solderless installation of FocusAttack Sparky PWM.

I’ll have details in a video of these soon, and how to install. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t accidentally pop one down XD.

That’s pretty freaking nifty! Guessing you just throw the wires into the holes and press down on the red part? I mean, I still have to solder due to doing a dual system stick using a MC Cthulhu, but still, love the idea!

Thanks for the heads info!

Yes. That’s all you do. No need to strip the wires, either, it bites into the insulation to help keep the hold and connection. If you’re wiring up MC-Cthulhu + 360, then you probably don’t need a full video to show you how, but just glance over Official FA Sparky PWM RGB LED Controller Thread

Love the idea! Kinda shocked I haven’t seen those around previously.

And yeah, MC-Cthulhu+360+Sparky+RJ45, I have an uncanny feeling I’m getting in way over my head here, but god it should be fun (or frustrating, we’ll see how well things go) romp!

Appreciate the reply!

Just take it slowly and read up:

And if all else fails, you can always seek out a local modder. (Or me, whatever, you know /self-plug)

Yeah, it’s what I’ve been doing. Reading, and more reading, and even more reading, Personally I think I’m just blowing things out of proportions, much like I did the first type I built my stick the first time. Only this time There’s a lot more going on!

Sadly unless my order from Toodles comes in soon with my Imp board I won’t be able to put it together for another month due to having to go to Edmonton for work training! Wonder if I can get away with soldering in a hotel room if it comes in at the last moment…

And trust me, I live in one of those area’s where I’m pretty sure there is no modding scene, let alone fighting scene!

Still, looking forward to it!

SRK TeamTechTalk always does hundreds of mods in hotel rooms [at tournaments] every year! Join us.

Is there a guide anywhere that can show me how to? Saying I’m having trouble would be an understatement. lol

Huh, figured soldering in a hotel room would be frowned upon, still, this bodes well indeed! Now if my Toodles order comes in right before having to leave I can just throw everything into a bag and work on it for a few days!

Still, considering I have most of what I need right now. Or at least I should be able to. Whatever, no challenge, no fun!

I haven’t yet added artwork to the clears, but I believe that joystick builder RoyalFlushTZhas attempted this. He was the one I recall that said it was possible. He might be able to explain how he did it.

Thanks, but I got it figured out last night. I’ll post pics in a little bit.

Nothing too special. I wanted to keep it simple for my first stick project.

Thanks for the buttons! They feel great.

Great job, man! Let us know how you managed to install.

My frustration with USPS continues. The last time I ordered it took around 2 weeks for my product to arrive with no updates after the first 2 or so that said it was processed from where jman dropped it off. This time I ordered 2 Sanwa sticks, they shipped last Wednesday. I was hoping to get them today. I checked the tracking and it’s in Illinois. jman is from Pennsylvania, I’m from NC. We’re both from the East coast so why did my package go all the way to the midwest?

Seriously, WTF is up with that USPS? At this rate I’d be lucky to receive my package before the end of this week. Hopefully the next time I see it update, it comes closer to me than even further away then it is now.

Any holiday hints on this one?

Hey Jman… any chance you could measure one of your paewang pcbs for me? I have a project where I’ll only have enough space for it to fit snugly.

I just measured: Length is 5 1/2 inches; Width is 1 1/16 inches.

We’re still working out the details and I’ll review a sample before signing off. It is based off their Arcade DIY joystick, but we’re bundling it with a Neutrik adapter either for RJ-45 or USB and are looking to improve the rubber feet with low-profile PC feet in either black or silver.

I’m sorry abut that. During this time of year, deliveries by the USPS and other mailing services are potentially delayed because of the holiday rush. A lot of services send packages to a central location first for sorting. We don’t have any control over how or when the packages are delivered once they leave our store.

To note, we are running a holiday sale on our site: Get 25¢ off buttons, up to 10% off select parts, or FREE US Shipping (Restrictions apply) http://bit.ly/rwd010

The sale has been a big hit, but occasionally people forget to read the restrictions regarding how we process free shipping, even though mentioned in the promotion. To offer free shipping, we are shipping these packages First Class or Parcel post. It’s slower than Priority and there’s no tracking from USPS. There’s no way to ship Express or Priority without taking a huge financial hit. Still because you can still select those options, some players are selecting Express shipping. Just want to remind everyone that if you choose the FREESHIP coupon, your order will ship First Class or Parcel Post. What does this mean about the future of shipping at Focusattack.com? Well, we’re experimenting with First Class shipping and/or Parcel Post so we can offer cheaper shipping options. This will be introduced during Q1 2012 once we have an improved system in place. Finally, we may offer a free shipping option for button purchases $25 and over. We’ll keep you posted.

I pretty much just copied this method: Guide: How to put art under clear Seimitsu buttons

Only things I did different were use an exacto-knife and double-sided scotch tape, as far as I remember.

I copied the link to our product page. It’s always helpful to have something to go by.