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Maybe I’m just blind but i looking for your case feets for about a hour.
I remember, I seen it once on your facebook page, hope i wasn’t dreamed that though :smiley:
Can you point me to the right direction please?

Fast delivery - great service. Thank you focusattack.com

It depends on what shipping service you use. The cheapest service, First Class International - can take 25-90 days, and has no tracking. If you choose Priority, it will take about 7-10 days and has tracking. We don’t recommend FC International, but players use it anyway because it’s cheap. We’re working to integrate additional shipping options over the next few weeks.

We’ll have those available on Saturday morning, along with the Black FoeHammer DIY Arcade cases. We’ll have unpainted DIY Arcade cases the following weekend. :slight_smile:

YESSSS!!! I’ve been waiting for these to come in! Putting together an order for all the parts I need to build my stick right this moment.

Just wanted say i received my order. I have a few concerns, but nothing major. Shipping was quick, but i wasn’t home on Saturday and had to wait til Monday to pick it up from the post office, but that wasn’t your fault…

I ordered the violet sanwa 24mm because you were out of black and my sticks theme is purple. unfortunately these are pink. Not sure if i received the pink ones by mistake or if that’s just what the violet ones are supposed to look like… It just really clashes with my otherwise awesome stick. Also, the joystick mounting plate has some scratches which normally wouldn’t matter, but it’s mounted in a tek case so it’s totally visible. Again no big deal, i plan on painting it anyway. The only other thing is, my neutrix adapter didn’t have any screws to mount it, so i haven’t been able to install it yet.

Otherwise I’m pretty satisfied with my order. I just have to change the 3 24mm buttons. I can’t really fault you guys for it though, my gf insisted they looked pink 100 times before i ordered. What’s the exchange policy for that? I already installed them so they have some scratches and white stress marks on the snap-in clips. I understand if you can’t take em back and if i have to pay shipping both ways i might as well just buy 3 more buttons i think.

Oh one more quick question: i got one of the wire terminals in my cthulhu MC stuck in the opened position. Is there any way to get that thing to close?

Hi Eldrek,

You’re a rather unique customer. :slight_smile: Kidding aside, we do our best to address most of our customer’s needs, so let’s go down the list

Thankfully that wasn’t, but you mentioned it, which starts the list.

This can be an issue of perception because if you’re not certain what violet looked like for a Sanwa product before, the perception could be that violet was going to match your purple theme. Black, on the other hand, goes with everything, which is why we frequently run out of that color in parts we carry. It’s likely that you received the right color part, but it doesn’t match your shade of purple.

Another perception issue is perfection. We often have a ton of products in storage, and unfortunately they can sometimes arrive from our vendor with a few nicks. Depending on the player, this is okay or a problem. We can try to assist in the matter to the best of our ability.

Can you mention which Neutrik product you bought? The manufacturer doesn’t provide mounting screws for the USB feedthrough. The size you’ll need is #4-40 x 3/4" (or a 1/2", depending on preferred length). I’ll make a note of that at the store for others that may ask.

At some point, we’ll begin looking at screws and other attachments that would make specific installations easier to perform.

We have answers to this in our store FAQ. Specifically:
If you want to return the items, you can do so by following the instructions found here:


I hope one of our members here can answer that. I offer the MCC because many others have asked to stock it. I haven’t used it personally. You might try asking here:

Get some more clear seimitsu snap ins please.

Good shit on the NCR12 promo jmanDMC. $230 on the Foehammer case + wires/neutrick/PCB + Stick/buttons is a REALLY GOOD deal. If only the Foehammer came in purple with 6+2 button layout and if I only have money for it, i’ll be all over this deal :sweat:

i hope you guys have a promo like this in the summer, like during EVO because im probably gonna have the money by then :woot:

I REALLY hope the Foehammer cases don’t run out by Monday D: I don’t have enough money for my order until then :v

So My school (Quilcene) is going to pay for my order. We have to put in a Purchase Order to them, and they order and pay for it. I have sent in a Purchase order for the Foehammer Arcade, all the necessary buttons, a stick and wires, and a Paewang PCB. I’m worried that the person responsible for ordering wont select the options to add in the PCB, case feet, and the quick disconnect wires, so I can get the discounts on said items. Would it be possible to apply the discount if I put those items in the cart with the case, instead of selecting the discounts from the case’s page?

^your school will pay for them? WUT ?!?!?!? my school is cheap T_T
is it for any of your classes?

My school is a charter school, Its similar to homeschooling, but I send in weekly and monthly reports, and in return I get a sum of money each school year for school related activities and supplies. Building an arcade stick got passed under electronics and art :smiley:

Wow, that’s pretty incredible, Sir Facemeltington. Congratulations on getting a project like that passed. :tup:

Also, on unrelated news, I just checked the tracking number for my order. It says that the package was missent. :frowning:

Oh and I just got the Focusattack newsletter. I guess I should have waited to order so I could have used that free shipping code. XD

Thanks for the reply. I’m sorry if it sounded like nitpicking, I was in bed at like 4am and wrote that with my phone heh. The only real problem is the buttons which is kinda my fault and it’s all a big learning experience for me as it’s my first stick and order with you guys.

You’ve already got 1000x more kudos than lizardlick just on the fact that I actually got my order o_O

And thanks for the info on the mounting screws that should save me some time looking it up.

What’s the possibility of getting some pictures up on the site of some of the colored items in realistic lighting conditions?
I was pretty worried about how the color would match with my seimitsu buttons/balltop also, but I saw someone elses pic with them in their stick and was 100% confident after that.

my school doesnt give me shit T_T

now on topic, When are you guys gettin the PS360+? i absolutely have no experience soldering and i heard the PS360 is 100% solderless, which is a lifesaver for me lol.

I have a small question regarding the art templates for the new Foehammer DIY Arcade. I downloaded it, and it appears to be identical in dimensions as the template for the older case. Does this mean I can use a design made with the previous template and it’ll still fit?

hey Jman, I placed an order last night, but I made a mistake, I wanted to order 6 30mm black sanwas, but instead I ordered 6 24mm, is there anything you could do before you actually ship my order, order number is #8962, thanks.

Placed an order Friday… >_> It shipping in today (out for delivery in Houston already).

FocusAttack is pretty legit, I’d say. USPS must be busting its ass to keep up with FedEX/UPS.

Hey all,

Thanks for your patience as I get to each of your questions this evening. FA is not my FT job, so I try to fit it in during early mornings and evenings.

@GLORYBE26OD - we have an order placed with our Japanese vendors. We’re anticipating delivery by end of week or early next week.

@Eldrek - It’s challenging to define what one calls “realistic” lighting conditions. We usually shoot photo in a white booth; there’s always a possibility that they won’t match exactly what one player considers realistic because many lighting conditions differ. Right now, we don’t have official artwork from Sanwa of Seimitsu that is provided by the company itself. That said, can you provide a reference from which you felt confident in the presentation colors?

@MetuulGuitarist7 - We don’t yet have an ETA except that we’re expected to receive a shipment in April. We won’t announce anything until we’re able to ship all pre-orders first, because we expect them to move very fast.

@MetuulGuitarist7 - We’ll see what’s happening in the summer in terms of sales. I believe we’re one of the few arcade shops that have sales like this. I’m also talking to FH about releasing a smaller version of the joystick case so we can offer a more affordable wooden case, similar in pricing to the original DIY. We’re also talking with Voltech, as they are releasing a lite version of their metal case.

@Czargeist - Lemme talk to FoeHammer. They sent a PSD file to us that was supposed to represent the new file, but I hadn’t confirmed that the size is different. It should be.

@SirFacemeltington I’m afraid that the discounts applies to the items only when selected in the DIY Arcade order page. The system doesn’t allow us to discount targeted products when a specific product is chosen. All I can suggest is that you instruct them to select the options from the list.

An additional note that we haven’t yet announced. I’m afraid that it’s not good news:

Due to conditions outside of our control, we are no longer carrying the Qanba line of Q4RAF joysticks or accessories. We don’t know if we can carry them at a later time, but we will keep you posted. For now, we’ll have our remaining inventory of dual-console PCBs such as the Paewang at the low price $39.95, and upcoming multi-console PCBs such as the PS360+, and will keep researching additional unique joysticks for you to try.

Thanks for the support!