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ETA for Crown stick restock?


@bluenine @Fighterboon restock has shipped and on the way. Still on schedule within 2 weeks. Likely to arrive by end of this week but needs checking in by distribution service. Should then be Monday the following week the latest. Most restock items are coming this and early next week, including Brook.


Just a quick update, the restock arrived pretty quickly, so we are likely to have stock updates across many items within 2-3 business days.


@jmanDMC those makesticks from IST were actually a pretty decent value. Did they stop wanting you guys to stock them?


Thanks for the updates, @jmanDMC !


No - it was largely a matter of logistics. On the backend, it took months to arrange a shipment of the cases, and IST isn’t the easiest to communicate with. That is why we sometimes go weeks without a restock of the IST boards. In the end, I decided that trying to get a restock going again wasn’t worthwhile. I’m working with a domestic partner to bring back enclosures to the store. They aren’t as cheap as IST cases, but the prices are reasonable, quality is solid, selection is good and expandable, and will support the new printing processes for custom artwork and plexi. I have a number of upgrades coming on that area.


Nice. They wouldn’t happen to be metal cases would they? =)


Not able to comment on the material yet, but indeed they are sturdy. I think you’ll like them.


Well my money is ready for whenever they release.


Also odd request, but whenever you have the time can you compare Crown’s purple battop to Sanwa’s violet, Seimitsu transparent purple, and Crown transparent purple buttons to see which one matches the battop the best? My guess would be that the Seimitsu or Crown buttons, but I’d like to hear the opinion of someone who has the products.


Crown purple battop will best match Seimitsu or Crown. Crown has a darker purple color than Seimitsu. Seimitsu appears to best match the battop. The photos in our listings are sometimes taken under different lighting conditions, so they may not always represent the closest approximation.


Best stick to use with PS3 and PS4 at around $200 range?


Honestly I can’t answer easily that because there is no objective answer. Qanba Obsidian is a solid and attractive model, plus mod accessible $200 stick for PS3 and PS4. Razer Panthera also falls into a similar category of features; it’s very accessible from inside via its flip-top control panel, but it isn’t as easy to customize artwork as you have to peel off the top panel’s plexi covering. That’s just my opinion, so if anyone else has suggestions for GhoostWhaat, can you step in?


Off the top of my head without going custom, MC TE2+ (depending on site), MC TES+, Qanba Obsidian, Qanba Crystal, Razor Panthera, Hori RAP Kai 4, and Hori RAP N are some choices. There’s plenty of more, but at your budget I wouldn’t even consider them. I’m assuming that you plan on buying from FocusAttack since you’re posting the question here. That limits it to the Qanba Obsidian, Qanba Crystal, Hori RAP Kai 4 and Hori RAP N. Personally I would go with either the Qanba Obsidian or Hori RAP N. Obsidian I’ve heard lots of great things about and it comes with Sanwa parts. RAP N is my personal biased, I just like the overall design and it has a Noir layout. Only issue is that it comes with Hayabusa buttons and joystick which to some people are a major turn off. Obsidian is probably the best bet.

If you don’t plan on buying from FocusAttack then unless you want something light get a MC TES+. MC TE2+ ranges in prices from what I’ve seen from $170-$220 (but it’s mostly over $200). The Razor Panthera has quite the pcb issues so personally I would avoid it. Qanba Crystal if you really want blue leds in your buttons and joystick. Hori RAP Kai 4 if you want something different than your stranded black casing. This is just my opinion, but hopefully it helps.

tl;dr Get a Qanba Obsidian.


@jmanDMC Even with economy shipping, my package made it from East coast to West coast in 2 days. Thanks a lot.


Got an alert for your Brook UFB with the 20-pin harness. Just purchased.

I hope adding this to my stick will be a breeze but at least it’ll be a learning experience.

Now I’ll no longer have to rely on square gates whenever I go to TSB for GG. ;(


@jmanDMC You guys sent me the wrong microswitches for my order. Who do I contact to solve this problem?

I ordered 6 Seimitsu PS-14-D switches but I got 6 PS-14-G switches.


Sorry about that - the distribution company I use now can sometimes mess up similarly named products, though they are improving. There is a bin system that the staff uses to refer to the correct bin for each product. I spoke to @Jenni - she said there it is possible that the staff accidentally placed the wrong switch in the bin upon restock.

There are several ways to contact us as listed on the site - the first I recommend is email to orders@focusattack.com. JJ is my dedicated customer service rep and will get a replacement set to you immediately. Provide your order ID so he can identify your shipping address.

@Jenni told me she will work with the team to get a consistent check in place following restock so that similar looking pieces or model names are in the correct bins. She is informing the team to get the correct switches (PS-14-D) swapped into the bin.


Purchased a few parts from Focusattack recently. I can say that their shipping rates are competitive and they have a great selection of products. Shipping was fast as well and everything arrived as described. Thank you!


Thanks! I’m trying to improve all aspects of these things if possible. Shipping costs is a constant challenge as we live in the Amazon universe. I can’t pretend to compete with that. When free shipping is offered, retailers are often still paying full price for it and hoping that volume supports the loss. When you sell small parts, and just a few pieces are ordered, that can eliminate the margins you need to sustain operations. That’s the non-glamorous explanation of things; I’ll keep trying to work on shipping costs.

International gets 15% discounted from USPS rates and 25% when orders pass $40. However the system backend isn’t designed to show those discounts in the same manner that the front end will for productss. I’m trying to convince the shipping app to implement this so customers know how they are saving.

In any case, I’ll keep working on these so the experience is better for everyone - thanks again for the positive feedback!