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Thanks for giving us the chance to address it. I spoke to staff and it appears that JJ dropped the ball - he got the notice of the back-order when asked to combine an order but didn’t follow up with the 3PL or you to resolve it. @Jenni is speaking with him tomorrow on protocol so it’s properly addressed in the future.


It’s all good, man. I’m in no hurry at all, and I appreciate you taking time out to respond to me. Keep up the good work, and know you guys will always have my business.


Got my buttons/plungers/bubbletop, and I think I prefer the way this looks way more than the violets I had on it before. Thanks so much.


Oh that does look good! The red stands out well and matches the TE2 border. :clap:


@jmanDMC Order #156986, ordered a Qanba Q4 plexi with NO start button hole for an eightarc fusion, the plexi I received had the hole cut out. Are you able to remedy this?

EDIT: The Q4 artwork print from the same order has the same issue. Start button was cut even though “Remove Start Button” was set to Yes.


I’m sorry that you had this issue. It appears that Jason - our designer - overlooked this when cutting plexi and artwork. Please send a message to orders@focusattack.com, and a staff member will instruct him to send a replacement for both artwork and plexi.

For all others here, if you have a problem with an order, please send an email to orders@focusattack.com. I may or may not see it here in this thread because of the new format.


For anyone interested, I got the new “Tekken” actuator for Samducksa SDL-301-DX (2018 model). This is the model with shorter shaft and actuator.

Get it here: https://www.focusattack.com/samducksa-301-dx-2018-tekken-actuator/

A few folks asked if it works with the older model. I had one tester say that he had issues with some inputs when using it with the longer shaft. I’ve asked a few other testers to try and see if they can replicate. For now, I have it designated for use in the newer model.

Also have Seimitsu PS-14-K, KN, and DNK in light green, or more commonly known as “highlighter green”:

Light Green Available here

This finally complements the original bubbletops made available years ago from Seimitsu. They do plan to flesh out the translucent green with an equivalent bubbletop.


How often do yall restock your color link quick release shafts?


We get what is available from Phreakmods, when Phreakmods can make it available to us. As I recall, and @Jenni can clarify, a restock shipment is on its way.

Both of us are working to improve restock quantities across accessories over the next few weeks.


thanks for the reply.


JmanDMC is correct I did just submit a restock, but even Phreakmods stock was limited this time so there are some colors that will take about 2 - 3 more weeks, but what I could get should be arriving mid to late next week. If you want to let me know what color you are interested in I can check to see if it is one of the ones coming next week.


Hi folks - just in case you’re interested.

It took a while to set things up, but they’re finally back. I bought screwbutton only this time because the ring should be thin enough for most panel configurations, and the ring now screws all the way to the top.

Also, Pei of GamerFinger isn’t yet ready with GF 24mm screwbuttons, so I only have snapbuttons in white, black and crystal. They also don’t have the same customization options that the 30mm buttons have. He’s working on both of those right now, so I hope to offer that for 24mm in time.

You can get the buttons and optical JLF PCB here:


If you have any issues with the button install or optical PCB, hit us our support team at support@focusattack.com


Its quite neat that the GamerFinger buttons are available via third party stores again - they haven’t been for quite some time have they? FA offering them with custom switch and plunger options is fantastic, so thank you for that. I do have a few questions if you or anyone knowledgeable wants to fill in.

First, I see you mentioned that for the 30mm you only chose the screw-type GF button housing. Now, I have somewhat limited experience comparing the two but it seems that the tab-type is more popular overall ( Sanwa, Seimitsu etc…) and is suited to average-to-thin chassis panel types (ie Plastics/OEM, most metals, some plexi). Screw type on the other hand can accommodate average-to-thick chassis (Wood, some plexi etc. I see you mention they’re thin enough for most panels now though so maybe that’s no longer an issue even on metal or plexi type, as it sounds like they’ve improved their design. However, I’ve read in the past that the horizontal bulk of the ring in screw-types can cause issues on some chassis/layout

Would you be able to confirm if GamerFinger screw-type buttons are compatible with Panzer Fight Stick 3i ? PFS3 Hitbox?

Next, I’m curious about the GamerFinger JLF Optical Joystick PCB. I was not aware this was a current product, as it seems to not be present on the GamerFinger site (which only lists the buttons). Searches brought me to older versions of the GF site which did list the Optical, but this was back during earlier revisions of their buttons and other features that do not seem to be currently listed. Likewise, the blurb about compatibility listing previous generation game consoles and older PCBs (ie no mention of Brook boards) without the current, makes me think this is an older product? Do you know if it, like the GF buttons themselves, has gone through various revisions and that’s why its on sale again? Did they give you any reason it isn’t listed on the GamerFinger store directly when you placed an order?

Does anyone have experience with the GamerFinger Optical JLF PCB, and how it compares in feel/play to both standard/common switch-based levers (JLF, JLF Silent , Hayabusa), and especially to other optical mods/levers such as the Hayabusa Optical?

Regarding the electrical usage, it seems to require a 6-pin harness which if I am correct seems to be the standard for optical types. Given the explanation and the possible age of the product, do you know if its implementation of the 6-pin config is the same as other optical levers? The Panzer 3i kit thoughtfully comes with both 5-pin and 6-pin connector options to connect a lever to the Brook control PCB (in my case Universal FIghting Board), so I want to be aware if it is electrically compatible.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about GamerFinger buttons and the JLF Optical mod seems like it could be a reasonably priced upgrade (and even more so with the discount - thanks for offering it, FA!) for JLF owners should it compare favorably. Thank you in advance for any information!


@Rance - I mentioned earlier and in my listings that the ring now screws all the way to the top, plus has a much more compact ring than other screwbuttons. We’ve tried with an AllFightSticks case, which is also metal, and had no problems keeping in place.

I know that tab is more popular, but these aren’t cheap to purchase even in volume, so I had to make a decision. If I know a button will work in both thin metal panel and thicker wood panels, I’m going to choose the model that does both.

The PCB is the same as before. I don’t have a reason why GF doesn’t sell it on his site, but they were popular when I originally sold them, and when I asked for them again, GF had them to purchase.

Our tech contact Joe Howell is working on a GamerFinger button and optical PCB walkthrough video and should have it by next week. It will show installs for both, and might answer some questions you might have. If no one replies here, you can always ask directly at support@focusattack.com and Joe will follow up.


To others here, I had no idea that Blue caps would sell out in a few days since launch. Colors were not super popular in light of caps with artwork, so I didn’t buy a ton. Apparently everyone is about those blue caps, so @Jenni is ordering a larger supply of those caps next restock, which is soon.

Thanks for the support!



I saw you mention the rings screwed all the way to to the top so I was not concerned about fitting vertically, but rather horizontally / in terms of bulk. Assuming that the Noir-style layout in the PFS3i is no problem and the Gamefinger Screw-type buttons have a more compact ring, it seems very likely everything will be fine. I can understand stocking the screw-type ones exclusively given the parameters you mention.

I’m curious about the JLF Optical kit overall, so I’d appreciate any input about the install or use experience. I’ll keep an eye out for the upcoming install/technical videos - I’m sure they’ll be very helpful.


P.S - Thank you for offering the various GF plungers. I intend to buy several of the colored ones, white/black/smoke, and the artist-style, so if you can keep those on hand it would be appreciated. Do you happen to know if there are plans for any purple GF plunger tops? If you get a chance to speak to them again, would it be something you could request? Preferably a darker, violet/royal purple shade as opposed to the shades used by Sanwa buttons; Seimitsu seems to be the only ones with a darker purple shade.

GamerFinger’s green is particularly noteworthy as well as it appears to be more of an “emerald” green instead of a lighter/neon shade or rarely a dark olive, which is great to see - the only other I’ve seen even close to emerald (from pics online at least) are Korean buttons. I’m also appreciative of the nice, darker Blue and Red caps, which are bold shades and good choices as pictured. Definitely hope you can keep stocking GF plungers and they are open to adding a purple one!


I’ve spoken to GF about purple, as they developed a limited run of purple button caps for HelloKittyRicki a while back. I think it was white rim, purple caps. So I know it’s possible.

He said that he had purple ring base units and plugs starting production as of first week of September. Would still be limited production run. I mentioned getting those on the next restock.

I’ll say right now that even restarting this endeavor, it was always tough to get a reply from Pei within a few days, so I may not hear back in 1-2 weeks if I’m lucky.

The first video from Joseph will come up today, and the next video which will feature GF buttons and optical, by end of the week.


Glad to see you’re able to get a restock! I’m sure everyone appreciates your mix-and-match plunger/body/switch options.

Wow, those full-purple versions look fantastic and I’m definitely in for a few if an when they arrive. I saw someone tweet at GamerFinger’s account thanking them for what I expect is a custom purple setup - https://twitter.com/Chris_H_Nguyen/status/1032156790769610752 - I’m not sure if this is the same player you were referring to or a different custom job, but they seem to be a little lighter shade compared to the plug (and maybe ring base?) you posted. Then again, perhaps it is the light in that particular photo.

If you have any input on exactly the shade of purple GF will use - especially for the plugs - I’d love to see a deeper more royal/violet purple versus some of the lighter ones or those that tend towards pink. In your picture, it seems like the plug itself is a little darker than the body and for me anyway the plug’s shade looks great!

Do they intend to make only the total unit purple (including base; I wonder if they’ll make screw-in mountings as well or just snap-in) as a limited production run? Or will they limit purple caps as well? It would be nice if they could add a purple cap alongside the other colors as part of the standard production run.

By the way, the new FA tech corner videos look great so far! Now that you’ve made one about the installation of the GF Optical JLF mod, do you think someone would be interested in making a review of it? Comparing its feel and performance to a standard JLF (perhaps even one with certain performance mods like a Kowal actuator?) , Silent JLF Higher Tension, and Hori Hayabusa Optical would be fantastic.

P.S. - Do you think you’ll be able to offer the new Seimitsu 35mm Stainless Steel balltop when it releases? I see it up for preorder on AS, but doesn’t seem to be elsewhere as of yet.



I’ll have to check with Pei on next availability of purple. I can’t say I have a lock on color, since it appears he’s already manufactured those. But I’ll ask for a photo of the color he’s using on it now.

I also don’t know if it’s a limited production run. I’ve asked a few questions about it about two weeks ago, haven’t heard back, and will ask again. It makes sense to expand the color line, since I know folks want more than just black, white and clear.

As for reviews, I imagine someone will post a video review. So far reviews on the website are positive, but I imagine someone will create a video. As for mods, you don’t want to use a Kowal actuator - it doesn’t work the same with an optical, since there is no switch to push sooner. As for the others, yes it would be interesting to see a comparison.

I already asked my supplier about the stainless steel balltop, but I think it may be AS exclusive. A super heavy balltop I’m not yet sure what the appeal would be unless you balance that with a super heavy spring. In any case, my supplier is inquiring with Seimitsu.

UPDATE: My supplier got samples of the Stainless steel balltop - the 30mm model. The weight is substantial at 107g. By comparison, the LB-39 is just 29g.

I’m not doing pre-orders for these balltops, but I will offer them when they come in.

Also coming is a (finally) green bubbletop to match their original green buttons.

They are also offering cute balltop straps so I may carry those.


Any reason why there isn’t a black plexi option for the hori rap 4 or V series?