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Yes, black acrylic is not available in the .030" thick size needed for those models.


Thanks for the update! Looking forward to purple if/when it arrives and hope to see comparative reviews of the GF JLF Optical vs other silent/optical/high end levers soon.

When I saw the balltop advertised as being a solid piece of polished stainless steel, I thought it more a neat curiosity or collectable, but you’re right if the weight difference is that significant it may certainly affect play. I wonder what Seimitsu had in mind when creating it - collectible showpiece, a vastly different option for play, or some combination of the two?

Regarding your available GamerFinger caps, I see you have at the moment 2 that can hold art - smoke and crystal. These both seem to be made out of a clear top piece under which you insert the art if desired, and the bottom piece that is affixed to the rest of the button. From the pictures, it appears that the “smoke” one has a clear top layer and the smoke-colored somewhat translucent bottom layer , correct? However, it is the “crystal” one that I’m curious about - does it have a clear top layer and a clear bottom layer (ie if you inserted no art, it would appear clear), or does it have a clear top layer with a white bottom layer (so without art you’d see a white background)? It looks white from the picture, but I wasn’t sure if that was a result of making it easier to photograph or its actual design.

Edit: Checking out GF button video (hosted on Buffer) , it does seem that the (I assume) “crystal” 2-piece cap does actually have a white bottom layer. Thus, I was wondering if there is any difference in the bottom layers of these vs the color of the black and white caps that do not accept art? That is to say, is the white piece of the “crystal” art cap the same shade as the “white” artless cap, and is the dark colored piece of the “smoke” cap the same shade as the “black” artless cap?



There is a Crystal top and a Crytal top with art. The Crystal top with artwork has a white plunger. You can’t see through it.

The Crystal top that doesn’t hold artwork will allow you to see through to the keyswitch.

The smoke top that accepts art has a clear cap and translucen, smoke colored bottom plunger. You can’t easily see through it. The smoke cap that doesn’t accept , however, is colored translucent smoke, and you can also see through to the microswitch.


Great, thanks for the clarification.

The only remaining question I have is regarding the the designs of the two-piece versus single piece. If a user has the art-caps, can they remove the clear cap part from each (assuming they don’t have any artwork of yet, of course) and just use the bottom white or black/smoke piece as the plunger? Or would it not physically “line up” for play (ie wouldn’t be “tall enough”) compared to the single-piece version?

Edit: Just out of curiosity…

What switch types seem to be most popular? I know GF default is MX Silver, but I am curious what people seem to be buying.

Do they body colors all seem to be equally popular - Black, White, Crystal ? Or are some more popular than others?




I wouldn’t recommend removing the cap and just leaving the plunger. The plunger wasn’t designed to replace the cap as a gameplay element.

Silver is a top seller so far, followed by blue.

Black is most popular so far, with Crystal following that and white not far behind.


@jmanDMC Please, is there an specification that points to SDL 301 DX as 2018 version on it’s box? I know about the “s” variant seen in stores but i couldn’t find a picture to confirm that, every SDL box picture found ends in “DX”, including mine.

I would like to know which version i own, ordered in april, not from FA though.

thank you very much!


AFAIK, there is no specification on the box. Samducksa hasn’t updated their box printing to say -S.

The “S” stands for “short”, for all intents and purposes, because it has a slightly shorter shaft. That’s about it. If you look at our listing, you’ll see the height differences via measurements.


I have the old one, thanks @jmanDMC


@RanceJustice - some additional info from my supplier:

Seimitsu said 30mm is ok but 35mm is pretty heavy and it’s effect to LS-32. The combination could not get back to neutral position. LS-38 spring works for 35mm.
AS says “stainless” but it’s wrong. This material is steel (free‐cutting steel) which using for LS-32 shaft.

The current retail pricing doesn’t support my buying those units. My supplier thinks the pricing was done by mistake, but cannot find another reason, even by Seimitsu itself who doesn’t know why it was priced that way. In any case, I may skip this product - too many things that I think won’t support long term acquisition. That said, I’ll get the balltop straps and green bubbletop. They’re also coming out with green shaft/dustwasher to match, which is helpful for LS-56/58/62 and LS-40.


Any review for this ?https://www.focusattack.com/gamerfinger-optical-joystick-pcb-for-sanwa-jlf-joystick/


There may not be video reviews yet, but my site does have customer reviews if you click the “Reviews” tab under the product description.


Hey @jmanDMC, you’re probably aware already, but just a quick heads up that the “Search by color” on the site doesn’t appear to show Seimitsu PS-15 pushbuttons in the results. :slight_smile:


Actually I wasn’t. :sweat_smile: The tags on this listing were old and didn’t refer to color. I just updated them all. Thanks for mentioning!


Hi, when will you guys get some more gamerfinger optical joystick?


These PCBs sell incredibly fast - we had them stocked not long ago. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve sent Pei a restock request for this and a number of products - waiting to hear back.


Will you have pink OBSF-30s back in stock for Black Friday?


I’m certain that will come in stock sooner than Black Friday. Today, staff is working on inventory counts now that all inventory is back under one roof, and I bought a sizable restock quantity for what I could get from vendors. Exception is GamerFinger, which Pei says he will ship today. I’ll have the store re-opened tomorrow; you may see quantities update overnight. If you sign up for a restock notification, you’ll get an email update.


Hey @jmanDMC
Is there still something weird with the site and FAR rewards?
I’m not getting/seeing the pop-up a the bottom of the browser window to let me view/claim FAR rewards.


Yes - I mentioned in an editorial update that the Rewards server is currently down. I’ve contacted the program’s support team about this and awaiting a response.


Sorry, I missed that part when reading the email newsletter on my phone during my commute. :slight_smile: