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No problem - it was in smaller print. I updated it as an editorial note after I didn’t get an immediate response from the server reps.


Sweet. It looks like the FAR Rewards are back up!
Are the current numbers the updated ones for “redeem money-saving FA.Rewards coupon codes - up to $20 in value - for 50% less gold and blue chips”?


I just learned now that the server was back up, which allowed me to adjust the redemption numbers. You can see the new numbers now.


@jmanDMC please…simple question about Samducksa SDL 2018, is the Tekken actuator its default one? Or the 2018 lever comes with an upgraded white actuator (not fat for shorter throw but smaller in order to fit the new shaft)?



Tekken actuator is purchased separately - Crown didn’t make it the default actuator for this model. The white actuator - slightly adjusted vertically for the shorter shaft, is still the default actuator in this model.


Anyone known when there is going to be another sale on the RAP 4 Kai ?


We’ll have some deals come Thanksgiving holiday. I’ll say that I can’t price as far as newegg sometimes does, but artwork and plexi customization is marked down 50% with each purchase of a qualifying Fightstick.


@jmanDMC, do you know when the OBSJ-24 silver metallic Sanwa buttons will be restocked? I need 4. Thank you.