Holiday Sale Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons 40 cents off!


Hey guys,

Just wanted to pass this on in case you’re looking for joystick parts. Having a final sale this weekend. Thanks!

Stuff your stockings with balltops, battops and buttons. :smiley: Last-Minute Holiday Sale starts this weekend!

Need some Sanwas and Seimitsu’s under your tree? Repeating the sale we had at NECXI, you can get buttons at 40 cents off retail ($2.55 down from $2.95), plus Toggleme Aluminum Battops (Retail $14.75) for just $10.99!

SINIX Ryu and Chun-Li shirts are available for preorder and should ship early next week! You can get them for just $19.99 while supplies last!

We’re also repeating the 25% off Go for Broke Sale! During Checkout, enter the coupon code GOFORBROKE to get %25 off all Street Fighter Art Books, statues, Gummowned/Elin Wooden TE Side Replacements, and closeout stock of Tatsunoko vs Capcom Joysticks for Nintendo Wii while they’re available.

Looking to mod your stick to play on PS3, PC and XBOX360? Akishop PS360 Tri-Mod PCB preorders are on and going fast! Get on the second wave today!

Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK and** Seimitsu LS-32-01** Joysticks are back in stock! Each come with a FREE Black Sanwa or Seimitsu Balltop! and SINIX Design wants you to proudly show off your main…on a shirt! Follow @focusattack on Twitter and tell us who your main is in Super Street Fighter 4. Up to 3 players will win SINIX Design SSF4 Ryu and Chun-Li inspired T-Shirts + all 36 SINIX SSF4 Character buttons!

Orders totaling $100 before shipping will automatically receive FREE shipping, worldwide!

Remember, this holiday sale starts Saturday and ends this Monday, so be selfish this year get some parts and goodies for yourself. :smiley:

Focus Attack