Focust attack glitch?

is it just me? or is that I don’t know anything about focus attacks in SF4?

I seen with my 2 eyes, me being knocked out of the charge of a focus attack with normal
attacks that don’t have armor break properties

is this a glitch? or is there something I don’t know?
has anybody else witnessed this?

Sorry, this thread doesn’t make sense to me the way it’s worded. Can you be more specific?

when you do a Focus attack (MP+MK; especially when you hold it) your character is
supposed to have the ability to absorb 1 one hit without being stunned (like when
Hulk is hit with a weak punch in MVC) as long as that initial hit doesn’t have armor break ability (a move that will cause stun on the first hit during a focus attack)

I have noticed that when doing my focus attack, I’ll get hit with a normal attack that doesn’t have armor break, and suffer from stun.

I asking is this a glitch? or is there something I don’t know?

I do believe you are only invincible during the actual charging animation. I think you can get knocked out of it if you are hit during the actual attack sequence. For instance, you are holding down your two charge buttons, you can absorb the blow, But as soon as your character initiates the attack, you are vulnerable, if that makes any sense.

yeah that makes sense, but I’m saying: I’m being hit out of of my charge animation and suffering
from stun

I thought only level 2 or 3 FA had armor properties?

therefore, are you getting hit early in your FA charge or during the time the black ink starts to appear around you?

naw, level one has it to, I can blot out fireballs with it and dash in.

and yes, even in level 2 and 3 I get hit out of them. this is not an everyday thing
I seen it happen 2 or 3 times since I started playing SF4

if you cancel anymove into a focus(ex focus), you will not have any absorb properties. that must be what you are experiencing. ive played sf4 for many months and never seen focus abosrb properties not behaving properly.

oooooooh! okay…gonna do some testing ***

Really? That’s interesting.