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on characters like ryu, after s.rh, EX mgb, jab mgb, -? what else can i do after that if any at all?

If you’re in the corner after that do towards+mk xx hp dp. Like if you’re midscreen, don’t do a jab mgb, just do a late towards+mk xx hp dp so you get both hits from the dp. Does good stun and damage. If you’re about to stun someone from your ex mgb combo, do that ender.

If you want flash over effectiveness, opponent in the corner, after the jab mgb, jump and hit strong, then you can either do SA1 when the opponent is close to the ground for 11 hits (weak though) or you can SA1 after you hit the ground, do about 3-4 hits, ex dp, fierce dp. Good for opponents that can’t take damage, or have short stun bars, like Akuma. If you go with the longer juggle, you can do a bit of stun, but again, damage dealt is pretty weak. Timing is tight on the two dp as well.

On some rare occasions, mostly Ryu/Ken/Akuma/Yun/Yang, you can add one more jab mgb after the first jab mgb. That hit would result in one hit, not the two hits you usually land if they fall too low and you jab mgb. After that, you can repeat the steps in the first part.

non corner - walk up f+mk xx fierce uppercut
jab mgb, mk duck uppercut/straight

corner - ex uppercut, fierce uppercut
jab mgb 2 or 3 times, walk up f+mk xx fierce uppercut


thanks everyone. I’ll come back with more questions later if i have any.

just something tricky…

in corner

after the jab mgb…reset with a f + fierce. When they land, do a f+rh overhead and link into SA1. Massive damage (we’re talking like 90% here). You’ll catch players with it once in a while…but don’t do it too much.


doesn’t have to be a towards + fierce reset. you can do just about any normal to reset then overhead. you can vary towards + roundhouse with UOH too. and if they start thinking overhead, c. roundhouse -> juggle city also does wonders :badboy: