Follow ups after a flip (hcb+k)



Since the flip is essential to yun’s gameplay and there’s so many different options after the flip, i figure i might as well list all the ones that i know of.

  1. Flip -> standing jab -> standing short -> standing strong -> …
    Condition: Works only on Chun Li, Makoto, Q, 12, Dudley and Ibuki.
    Notes: The standing jab will connect after you walk forward a bit after the flip. Against 12, Dudley and Ibuki, you have to walk farther and the timing gets really tight.

  2. Flip -> close standing forward (launcher) ->…
    Condition: Works only on Chun Li, Makoto and Q.
    Notes: Good damage when you don’t have a super ready. Plus you can reset them in the air after the launcher and either flip them again when they land or relaunch them with another standing forward. You can also do this combo if you have genei-jin activated before the flip.

  3. Flip -> standing strong -> standing fierce -> back+fierce ->…
    Condition: Works on everyone.
    Notes: On some of the characters, you might need to walk towards them after a flip more than other characters in order for the back+fierce to hit.

  4. Flip -> low strong/forward -> strong rush punch
    Condition: Works on everyone.
    Notes: Standard combo that most people do after a flip.

  5. Flip -> forward double rising kick (dp+k)
    Condition: Doesn’t work on Elena and Oro.
    Notes: I do this one most of the time since after the dp+k, yun lands faster than the opponent so i can do more low strongs to charge bar faster.

  6. Flip - - Universal Overhead -> low strong -> strong rush punch/EX shoulder block
    Condition: Only works on characters who get hit crouching with UOH.
    Notes: Most opponents tend to block low after a flip, which makes this combo work. To get out of this, all they have to do is block high. Which means that this is one risky setup but it deals a bit more damage. Coincidentally, this setup works better if yang does it since it complements with his slashes and mindgames well.

The following setups require that you have Genei-Jin (SA3) activated before you do the flip move and that the super is still active after the flip is over.

  1. Flip -> forward double rising kick (dp+k) -> strong shoulder block ->…
    Condition: Doesn’t work on Elena, Oro and Ibuki.
    Notes: The good thing about this combo is that it changes sides. For example, if you flip into the corner, after the shoulder block hits, the opponent is back in the corner again. The dp+k doesn’t even hit elena and oro and ibuki bounces too far after the dp+k that she doesn’t change sides after the shoulder block hits.

  2. Flip -> standing strong -> standing fierce -> fierce shoulder block ->…
    Condition: Works on everyone
    Notes: This one is usually done against elena, oro and ibuki to deal more damage after the flip.

I think these are the more common follow ups that you can do after a flip.


You can also: flip…lp lk mp sholder charge cancel into you super art #1.:cool:


does anyone know how the hell to do low strong xx up kicks after the command throw…

i saw KO do it in some japanese vids against a dudley player…but i can’t get it to work…

also if you know how to do low forward into standing forward (launcher) on dudley after a geniejin command throw, i’d love to know cause i can’t figure it out…




Too bad it doesn’t land on shotos. Bummer.

Good stuff. I just use the standard strong, jab lunge fist.


for flip -> low strong -> roundhouse dp kick to work, you have to walk towards dudley a bit after the flip so the dp kick will hit.

same thing with flip -> low short -> standing forward -> … you need to walk forward a bit after a flip so the launcher will hit.


makes sense, thanks, I’ll try it out…

p.s. pocari sweat taste like piss:lol:


After flip, sometimes I do cr. forward --> ex shoulder --> SA2

Meter guzzler, but it looks good and damage is not that bad, and works on everyone.


speaking from experience? :o


connecting the dp kick

how about lp lk mp -> ex dp kick? i tried it on makoto, works well. anyone else i can connect this with after the flip? thanks.


connecting the dp kick

Chun-li and Q.