Follow ups for roll mashers

specifically after a powerbomb. i see KSK dash up and EX flash chop, or

is it better to mk flash elbow across the screen to get there, or dash dash?

if the powerbomb doesnt corner, which is the general mixup game for alex if they keep rolling?

Oh its been a while but lets see I can help you

After a mid screan power bomb I would usually partition a medium elbow slash (dash up elbow slash) this would hit kinda meaty, no big deal here, your opponent would block but it would seem that your opponent gets an oppening, so buffering a stomp here works most of the time, mostly against non stock chuns and kens.

When an EX elbow slash hits your opponent in the corner you can walk a little whiff a f+ strong then do an UOH linked to super, the distance is perfect.

Another thing I used to to do wasthat in the corner after a succesful st forward to EX flash hop would be partition a stomp, charge exactly while alex performs the ex flash, dash up (by this time they would exactly standing up) and stomp them.

hope that helps

oh and wait my best tip against chun
tap right , then down twice after highlighting alex on the character selection screan.

Best strategy ever ^____^

sorry I just had to


I played your Alex JD, twas good…it beat my sean =O!

ex chop then elbow after knockdown should give you enough time to charge stomp as well.

but your way is more fancier.