Following honda

Im digging the follow replay feature of AE allowing to watch how anyone plays.
But since all top ranked are average at best i would like some advice of some good active honda players to follow.

I play at psn but dont hurt to post live examples.

Pretty sure ive played you in the mirror in xbl no?

I dunno best way to do it is to just go through the top ranked till you find someone u think is good.

It is possible although i dont remember you because i played a few hondasv. I rented it for a week so i could try a TE i got cheap. I plan to buy AE once it drop online so i will stick with the ps3 version.

Trying random people is well… Random. I hope japanese get back psn soon.

PSN Jewelman_ is really worth following, he always goes for max damage and punishes everything.
I guess is the same guy who posts here.

i drop my combos online ALL DAY!

Maybe, but the last replays I have captured from you are really neat, there are examples of cr lp xx hhs, cr mk xx hb and cr lp xx hhs, ex hhs combos.

My replays are full of j hp, s hk with some slides hhs on jump ins, I even uploaded a replay where I got perfected one round.

I think ur both great Honda players, I follow Jewlman. Ur honda is greatness… :slight_smile:

I try to learn from ur matches and play honda as a in ur face kinda of Character

CaoSlayer ur honda is kwl to watch to, I learned a lot of tricks and what not from the both of ya

i finally got one with the reset worked in, i hit the special combo on a bison player but it wasnt recorded

Jewel’s probably your best bet. Everyone else may or may not be a booster or is too damn random. Now how bout you upload some videos of you beatin up on a sagat (revolver if possible)

yeah i got a few playing EmblemLord where i lamed him out, and the tournament i just won i’ll put up the vids i went through a yun, sagat, and sinister x’s dhalsim those vids will be on youtube in a couple of days and i’ll post them in the vid thread

I think right now i’m following akimo, stev0, snk, dru90x and poonkgo

Most people online don’t know how to deal with honda, you can jump on them all day long and they will never anti air unless they have a good easy one. Seriously, I get 40+ win streaks everyday and my BnB is jHP, sHK (alright, I moved to cr lp xx hhs in AE to make for the lost damage).

Lol, I was in Vietnam1’s room a few days ago and beat Revolver_STI when he came in. Then I saw Jewelman come into the room and I was like, “Oooh, here’s my chance to show Jewelman my 1337 skillz.” I get slaughtered by Revolver by jumping in on fireballs and getting my random headbutts punished by that kara tigeruppercut lol. It was so pathetic, I was truly embarrassed. He taunted me for good measure too. Jewelman beats him after I lose. Sigh

I like Revolver_STI’s Sagat because he’s definitely an excellent player, no doubt about it, but I think the guy hates me. My first dealing with him was some heated hate mail exchanges lol.

I will upload a video of me vs Revolver for lulz. He wins like 9 out of every 10 we play so I saved that replay, you betcha!

I suck, btw, so keep your eyes on Jewelman and I also recommend KingVisigoth!

Videos as promised. Sorry, I didn’t save any of KingVisigoth. He’s a pad player so he doesn’t have jab hands. By using pad tho, he’s developed a different style of play with excellent footsies and spacing. Not your average jab hands Honda so hit him up for some mirrors!

Before I got star struck, lol!
20110726 Revolver_STi (Sagat) vs Feist (E. Honda)

20110726 Revolver_STi (Sagat) vs Jewelman_ (E. Honda)

20101223 Jewelman_ (E. Honda) vs roman4328 (Zangief)

I actually felt bad for that Gief player. That second round was brutal.

Thanx for the commendations Feist, ive been trying to develop a jab hands technique for my dualshock button mapping with moderate success (at best), gotta keep refining it, I guess i have some replays of us playing mirrors, gotta check for em as soon as i get my new ps3, old one died.

And man, you dont suck at all, trust me… you’re one of the best hondas i’ve faced in mirrors, the other being jewel…

Also i guess i have some replays of that one time when there were jewel, revolver, you and me… remember that one, Feist? back in super i believe

Hah, good to see u still around. I don’t get on PSN much these days because the local guys from my scene are all on XBL, but I still get on from time to time. In fact, I just got blown up by Jewelman_ and ghettoperu the other day. Jewel was the only one that managed to beat ghetto, sigh… Still so much to learn.

Hey, we gotta do that Honda mirror fest again! There was another Honda in there, i forgot who. Looking forward to further embarrassment on my part, lol!

LOL, Revolver’s a… um… he’s a good guy, you just gotta warm up to him first. I think he rubs a lot of people the wrong way cuz he zones them the hell out, which is what Sagat’s supposed to do. And judging by that video, he didn’t respect you at all. lol

thanks hawk, ggs as always. im nice to everyone, but hey i dont always zone, its just sagat cant rush down honda



Those hhs loops on the zangief into super round two were AWESOME! jewelmans sik