Following rules and blasted for someones lack of reading comprehension


so as most of you know, we recently finished running our SBO qualifying tournaments at Super Arcade for SF4, UMvC3, and SC5. there has been alot of nonsense going around that things were done unfairly and i want to put an end to this. i already had posted via twitter my feelings and had a decently detailed response here :

figured this would be enough but nope. someone still wants to put me in the same category as planetzero and try to question the integrity of not only super arcade but me as a person. well, heres a complete counter to everyones argument about gatekeeping.

so okay, that wasnt enough and we were still put on blast tonight. well, heres a c&p from our official tourney listing on srk.

*ALL participants MUST have a valid Passport/ID by July 13,2012 or they will forfeit their spots to the runner up.

**If any participant backs out for ANY reason; life changing event, unforeseen acts of mother nature, US NO-FLY-LIST (you never know), that the runner-up participant will be selected to go (3rd place if runner up doesn’t go, and so on).*"

theres some gray area here but if you wanna start nitpicking, read the rule completely! you will forfeit your spot to runner up, and so on… there you have it people. i try to play mr nice guy, try to just let people blow some steam off after losing, but if youre gonna put me on blast then make sure you get your facts straight.


While there’s room for improvement, it’s leaps and bounds above any Qual ran at Planet Zero. Hopefully next year will be improved, but imo No Harm No Foul.


If I read it right, anybody can enter the qualifier. It’s just if you don’t have a passport you forfeit your spot. So gatekeepers are a part of the rules.

This bullshit is literally the definition of making a problem out of nothing.


This part confuses me:

*ALL participants MUST have a valid Passport/ID by July 13,2012

Why not just say “All participants must have a valid Passport by July 13th, 2012.” Two separate dates makes no sense. I’m sure when it was written, it made sense, but not everybody gets stuff like that. Just post one date and there will be no confusion. Just my 2 cents. **


making a bunch of people that probably didn’t even know there was anything going on go ‘ooh drama!’ and go looking.



the point of my post was to try and clear some air and to give the person/people complaining some type of closure. the rules were not written by me and were just used as a “common knowledge” type deal i guess. regardless, im fortunate that we did follow the rules and hopefully the person/people unhappy with his/her results can now put to rest the problem they fabricated…

have a nice day all.