Following up ll legs with linked jabs/shorts


Been a long time reader, but haven’t contributed much to this community as far as posting is concerned. I’ve seen a lot of pros follow up ll legs (in particular the HK version) with a linked short into ex legs, and was curious to know what the best way to approach this is. Are there any visual cues I should be looking for? I know there’s only a 1 frame window of opportunity to execute this, and it’s likely that it will just come down to practise. But if anyone is able to give some advice on how to get this out more consistently, I would greatly appreciate it.

I apologise in advance if an explanation has already been given on this, but I have done a fairly extensive search on this and haven’t found anything.


Well, the problem with linking jabs in a short frame space is the fact that you can’t p-link them, so it really is all about timing.

You may get some help by watching videos and getting a rough understanding of the timing, but honestly, the only way you’re going to get consistent is if you spend the time in practice mode.

Also, be aware which combos are possible before you try and do them. For example, some characters hitboxes do not allow some legs to (move) combo, while others do. It also depends on what you cancel the legs from.

CL.RH xx lk legs pushes you back pretty far, I don’t think you can link a jab(You can link a fierce though).

The easiest one do to is cr.fp(one hit) xx RH legs ->MK Legs-> whatever.

What I mean by RH Legs-> MK legs is mashing medium kick while RH legs is going on, so it “converts” to mk legs halfway through.

Take it away MM:

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I’m generally chaining hk ll legs from a, and I’ve generally been able to link crouching short into ex legs, albeit, flukishly. I’ve accepted that it probable does boil down to practice, but I was hoping that there would be an easier (lazier for lack of a better term) way to execute this.

The only real tricks or “shortcuts” to input accuracy in this game are:

  1. the motion shortcuts ( :df::d::df::hp: for shoryu, :df::d::db::l::mk: for hasanshu, etc)


  1. P-linking:
    Explained there better than I ever could.

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n times cr.short to EX Legs is an extremely important combo to learn for Chun, as it is relatively easy to execute, easy to hit confirm, and leads into Ultra.

A few things to get you rolling:

Check the frame data for Chun to see what moves you can and can’t link from stuff:

Look for tutorials on youtube. A great channel is GoldSamuraiArmor (known as MagnetoManiac on SRK). I have a few vids in my channel in my signature, but I haven’t done any vids in a while because I’m a lazy asshole.

If you search for “chun li tutorial” in youtube you’ll find something.

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i learned how to do this from a vid of dae playing but i pretty much do crouching short as soon as her foot touches the ground usually works for me

The frame data isnt right about HK ll, it says +2 but we can link 3 frame moves after it.

What is the real frame advantage after HK ll hits? I always wanted to know if HK ll, cr.lp is a 1 frame link or 2 frame link…