food art baby

posted this in general chat, but wanted to share with you guys…sweet eh?

the buns are doughnuts w/ no holes. the beef is brownies. the cheese is white chocolate with yellow food dye, melted, spread thin and frozen then cut into cheese squares.
the tomatoes are strawberries that were dyed red in the center. the pickles are frozen grapes, scliced.
the katchup is raspberry/strawberry puree, and the mustard is bannana puree, dyed yellow. and the fries are scliced mangos.

that’s pretty well done, everything looks pretty much like it should!

I find such misdirection to be rather interesting… although I think eating that would probably result in a sugar buzz and make my teeth hurt.

wow… i can see the “tomatoes” for what they really are now that you pointed them out. that’s really cool, and sounds pretty good as is. lol.

Looks cool man. I want to take a bite now just to see how it taste.

mango fries??

give this man his reward!

now THIS is freakin’ original

reminds me of how all the foods on commercials are fake

You could spin out so many college students with this amazingness. A really clever idea. I didn’t get the big deal till I read your second post.

You sure fooled this hippy.